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For the past 28 years, Suneco Hydro only does one thing that is producing pico hydro turbine generator. If you need any pico hydro turbine generators for your business, you’ve come to the right place!

Suneco Hydro is a leading supplier of pico hydro turbine generator in China since 1991, It is always our best endeavor to supply the right pico hydro turbine generator at the right time at the right cost. “Customer Satisfaction” is our major concern. Our expertise and our latest pico hydro turbine generator technology are based on experience of many years in the production of pico hydro turbine generators.

Suneco Hydro provide hydro energy solutions to both private users, small business and distributors. Our price is competitive and our pico hydro turbine generator quality is the best.

Power 300w
Pico Hydro
Pico Hydro Turbine Generator
Power 300w
110v / 230v
Pico hydro turbine generator XJ14-0.3DCT4-Z
Power 500w
110v / 230v
Pico hydro turbine generator XJ18-0.5DCT4-Z
Power 750w
110v / 230v
Pico hydro turbine generator XJ18-0.75DCT4-Z
Power 1.5kw
Single Nozzle
Pico hydro turbine generator XJ25-1.5DCT4-Z
Dual Nozzle
Pico hydro turbine generator XJ25-1.5DCTH4-Z
Power 3kw
Single Nozzle
pico hydro turbine generator XJ25-3.0DCT4-Z
Dual Nozzle
micro turbine generator for home use XJ25-3.0DCTF4-Z
Power 3kw
Vertical Turbine
Micro Hydro Turbine Vertical Tubular Turbine 3kw GD-LZ-12-3KW

Pico Hydro Turbine Generator Advantages

Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator
We supply permanent magnet synchronous generatorwith AC output, you will not need inverter. If you want to keep electricity in batteries, then we supply a device AC-DC Adaptor.
Grid tie pico hydro turbine generator
If you want to grid tie it, we will supply a asynchronous generator, then you can connect it to state grid directly, you do not need an inverter. We supply a grid tie controller set with system.
Pico hydro turbine generator controller
Generator controller has automatic voltage regulator device to make steady voltage. Controller also has electric load to consume excessive electricity.
Pico hydro turbine generator Efficient energy source
Pico hydro turbine generatoronly takes a small amount of flow (as little as 3 liters per second) or a drop as low as 2 meters to generate electricity with pico hydro.
Reliable electricity source
Pico hydro turbine generator produces a continuous supply of electrical energy in comparison to other small-scale renewable technologies. The peak energy season is during the winter months when large quantities of electricity are required.
Cost Effective Energy Solution
Building a small-scale pico hydro turbine generator can cost from $9,000.00 – $20,000.00 depending on site electricity requirements and location. Maintenance fees are relatively small in comparison to other technologies.
Power for developing countries
Because of the low-cost versatility and longevity of pico hydro, developing countries can manufacture and implement the technology to help supply much needed electricity to small communities and villages.
Integrate with the local power grid
If your site produces a large amount of excess energy, some power companies will buy back your electricity overflow. You also have the ability to supplement your level of micro power with intake from the power grid.
SUNECO picohydro is considered to function as a ‘run-of-river’ system, meaning that the water passing through the pico generator is directed back into the stream with relatively little impact on the surrounding ecology. If your site produces a large amount of excess energy, some power companies will buy back your electricity overflow. You also have the ability to supplement your level of pico hydro power with intake from the power grid.

Why Do We Choose Suneco Pico Hydro Turbine Generator

  • Suneco Hydro has an extensive team to ensure the highest-quality Pico Hydro Turbine Generator.
  • We are committed to individual customer solutions and ensuring Hydro quality in whatever we do.
  • Your Pico Hydro Turbine orders are monitored and implemented to ensure the top quality.
  • Suneco Hydro open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to serve you in different time zone and region

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