140 kw hydro generator

140kw Hydro Generator

Model No:XJ50-140SCTF6-Z
Rated Head:55 Meters
Rated Flow:300l/s

140KW Hydro Generator

If you want to know 140kw hydro turbine price, send us water head and water flow of your water site, we will calculate the right model and cost for you.

Suneco 140kw hydro turbine cost is the lowest in the same quality under CE certification.

Contact Suneco for price of 140 kw water turbine generator.

The rough cost of 100 kw water turbine generator is From US$75,000.00 to US$76,000.00/Hydro Kit

The above price, we can deliver it to Europe, North America( USA, Canada, Mexico), South Korea, and most of the countries in Africa.


If you would like to have a 140kw hydro turbine generator accurate price, please send your water head and water flow rate,  we can calculate the accurate cost and design the right model for you.

If you are looking for 140kW Small Water Turbine, and to know the Micro Francis Hydro Turbine Price, you are in the right place.

Suneco engineers can calculate water head and water flow, and get the right model of the hydro turbines and 140kw hydro turbine cost.

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