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300w micro hydro turbine manufacturer
Key Specifications/Special Features of 300w micro hydro power generator:
•Water head range: 10 to 14m
•Water flow range: 3 to 5L/second
•Power output: 300W
•Voltage: 115 or 230V AC
•Penstock diameter: 50mm
•Water to wire system with integral turbo turbine, generator and valve flow control
•Brushless, special rare-earth permanent magnet alternator
•Higher efficiency than ordinary alternator
•Output voltage and frequency are controlled by the electronic load controller (with ballast)
•Machine is compact, easy to install and requires little maintenance except lubricating the bearing every few months
•Water is collected upstream from the turbine and channeled in a pipe down to the turbine location
•At the turbine, the water passes through a nozzle, where it accelerates, strike the turbine runner, and turn a AC single-phase brushless permanent magnet alternator
•Electric load controller is built on the alternator which stabilizes the voltage to 115V or 230V to protect electrical appliances during use
•Installation is very simple and explained in the manual
•Packing size: 30 x 26 x 35cm
•Weight: 23kg