3kw Dual Nozzle XJ25-3.0DCTF4-Z

3kw Hydro Turbine

Model No: XJ25-3.0DCTF4-Z
Output/Power: 3000 watt
Rated Head: 18 – 20 Meters
Rated Flow: 18 – 30 (l/s)
Main Parameters
No. Items Parameters Remarks
1 Model XJ25-3.0DCTF4-Z Dual  Nozzle

Turgo Turbine

2 Rated Head 18–20 (meters)
3 Rated Flow 18–30 (l/s)
4 Output 3000 (W)
5 Efficiency 70 (%)
6 Pipe Diameter 150 (mm)
No. Items Parameters Remarks
1 Model SF3.0-4  Permanent Magnet Generator
2 Style PMG
3 Output 3000 (W)
4 Voltage 230 or 110 (V)
5 Current 13.04 (A)
6 Frequency 50 or 60 (HZ)
7 Rotary Speed 1500 (RPM)
8 Phase Single (Phase)
9 Power Factor 1.0
10 Altitude ≤3000 (meters)
11 Insulation Grade B / B
12 Protection Grade IP44
13 Temperature -25~+50
14 Relative Humidity ≤90 %
Control Box / Control Panel
No. Items Parameters Remarks
1 Model WY3.0-1  
2 Safety Protection Short circuit Protection
3 Insulation Protection
4 Over Load Protection
5 Grounding Fault Protection
No. Items Parameters Remarks
1 Packing Material Fiberboard  
2 Packing Size 88×57×60 (CM)
4 Gross Weight 122 (KGS)

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Suneco 3kw Hydro Turbine

We strive to preserve natural water resources to the maximum extent practicable, We offer total solution packages tailor-made to suit every need. We help you make power output from running water.

If you are lucky enough to have running water such as a stream or river, water turbines are an ideal solution for providing reliable long-term renewable energy.

You can easily calculate the available power at your site using the following equation:

Power (watts) = Head (m) x Flow (litres/sec) x 9.81 (gravitational constant ‘g’)

A typical water to wire efficiency is around 50%–70%, so you should multiply the result by 0.5–0.7 to get the actual amount of electricity that you can expect from the site.

Reduce waste to save the planet: change the way you do things.

Make your carbon footprint smaller by using renewable energy.

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