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10kW Hydro Turbine Generator Buying Guide

It is relaxing to have your source of electricity. If for years you have been depending on the national grid for power, and you have never been happy about it, then it is time to consider going your own way.

If there is a reliable water source nearby, consider yourself lucky as you can use it for generating sufficient electricity.

When you buy and install a 10kW hydro turbine generator, the electricity generated will be more than enough for you. You can even sell some of the generated energy to the nearby community and get some revenue out of it.

Are you planning to buy a 10kW hydro turbine generator in China, read to know more about this hydropower generation device?

Technical parameters 10Kw hydro turbine

How do I know that the 10kW hydro turbine is the right one for me? Look at the technical specifications of the device.

-Rated head: Start by checking the distance between the inlet and the outlet of the hydro site. The rated head for this turbine is between 30 to 38 meters.

So, if your site meets this requirement, then you should not hesitate to get this turbine.

-Rated flow: This is the volume of water that flows onto the turbine at any given second. It has a direct impact on the consistency of energy generation. The flow for this turbine 40-50 l/s.

-Power output: The rated power output of this turbine generator is 10,0000 watts hence the 10kW tag.

-Efficiency: The generator has an efficiency of is the output vs the input. It defines how the turbine utilizes water in the hydro site. This 10kW hydro turbine has a 70% efficiency.

-The rated pipe diameter of the hydro turbine is 200 to 250 mm

Technical specifications of the generator

Since the turbine and the generator work hand in hand, you should verify that their specifications are in unison.

The generator is manufactured to take the PMG style.

As the name suggests, the generator’s output power is 10,000W or 10kW

It has an operating voltage of 230V/110V and a current of 43.7A.

With the frequency of 50-60 Hz, the rotary speed of the generator is 1500 RPM.

This is a single-phase hydro generator that features a 1.0 power factor.

The generator features B/B grade insulation that is backed up with IP44 protection grade.

The generator is ideal for an altitude of not more than 3000 meters and its operating temperature range is between -25 to +50 °C. Its ideal relative humidity is ≤90%.

Technical specifications of the hydro turbine control panel

The control panel determines the operation of both the turbine and the hydro-generator. It also controls various aspects of the equipment.

The control panel has quite a number of the protection features including; short circuit protection, grounding fault protection, and overload protection.

10kW hydro turbine generator

What is the price of a 10kW hydro turbine power generator?

When looking for the 10kW hydro generator turbine generator for sale, it will be impossible to evade the issue of cost.

After all, the generator is a form of investment and you would want to know whether you will get the returns.

The price of 10kW will often depend on its technical specifications. For example, the cost of a single-phase 10kW turbine generator will be different from that of a double phase generator.

Another factor that will determine the cost is where you buy the generator- The cost will greatly vary with the hydro turbine generator brand.

While you will be glad to buy a cheap 10kW hydro turbine generator, it is advisable to take your time to confirm the quality. Otherwise, you may end up paying less for the inferior quality product.

The most ideal way of knowing the price is by finding out directly from the manufacturer or supplier. The manufacturer will send you a full quotation of the10 kW hydropower generator.

Where to buy a 10kW hydro turbine?

Like any other high-value device, where you buy the hydro turbine will always matter.

Video Source: Suneco Hydro

Buy one from a reputable manufacturer and you will never regret it. After all, the best 10kW hydro turbine brands are known for delivering reliable generators.

So, the issue is on how to find the best hydro turbine manufacturers and suppliers in China.

One way is by checking through the business listings and market places of the turbine manufacturers in China.

From the lists, you will be able to spot several manufacturers that are selling their turbine generators.

Another way is by learning from the opinions and experiences of other people people who bought and are using the hydro turbine generator.

10kW hydro turbine reviews will come in handy in giving you valuable information about the product.

If you want to get maximum assurance about the quality of the product and the reliability of the manufacturer, you should consider visiting their premises.

Check out the facility and you will be able to tell whether they are capable of delivering what you want.Know the 10kw hydro turbine price from directly factories and manufacturers.

Suneco Hydro site- 10kW Hydro turbine manufacturer in China

In recent years, China has been home for affordable hydro turbines. So, if you are looking for the best 10kW hydro turbine generators for sale, then you should consider buying from Suneco Hydro Turbines.

We are a reputable manufacturer of 10kW hydro turbine generators in China.

Our years of experience in this field propels us to deliver the best turbine generators that will meet the energy needs of our customers.

We have a team of hydropower engineers who are ready to listen to your requirements and customize the turbines that will suit you.

All you need to do is contact us and will be glad to deliver the most reliable 10kW turbine for hydroelectric power generation.

If you are looking for 10kw hydro turbine generators, you are in the right website and you can find that we are a professional supplier of 10kw hydro turbine generator, 10kw water turbines, find the best manufacturer of 10kw hydro turbine generators. And know the 10kw hydro turbine price.

Check more about hydro turbine generator models details.

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