Francis Turbine Large Hydro Power

Francis Turbine

Model No: 6000KW
Output/Power: 500kw -100000kw
Rated Head: 8 – 140 Meters
Rated Flow: 0.20m3/s- 50.0m3/s

Francis turbine is a reaction turbine,is the most common water turbine in use today.

Applicable water head 30m~700m
Specific speed:50~300rpm

The largest capacity of our single Francis turbine unit is 6000KW

Head range up to more than 300 m

Capacity up to about 20 000 kW

Excellent peak efficiency

High efficiency also at partial water flow down to about 50%

Complete range of specific speeds for runner design allows optimized matching to synchronous speed

Compact design and low maintenance requirements by rigorous selection of best suited materials and proper design

2 or 4 bearing gen-set arrangements

Bearings rated for more than 100 000 hours of operation
Guide vane control electrically or hydraulically

The Francis Turbine Large Hydro Power spread all over the country in each province and autonomous region, export to more than ten countries such as U.S.A., Iran, Vietnam, Indonesia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Mongolia, Korea,etc..

Specifications︰The diameter of the runner is 0.42m- 5.0m;
Suitable water head: H =8m- 140m;
Suitable flow: Q =0.20m3/s- 50.0m3/s;
Capacity of the generator unit: 500kw -100000kw.

Advantages︰Francis Type Turbine-Generator is suitable for hydropower station of middle or high water head and medium-sized flow

Because the structure of the Turbine-Generator is simple , and it is reliable to run.

Suitable for various water head and include many types of runners, they can be widely used.

It is suitable for hydropower stations whose water head change large

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