Hydro Power Station Site and Installation

(1)The hydro power station site should be chose according to the flow and drop of water source.Commonly.the drop should not be less than 10m. It can be solved by building a water storage pond when the flow is not enough.storing at daytime and generating at night,but the volume should not be less than 15-25 m3.

(2)The unit should be installed in the place where it is convenient to charge and no danger of flooding.it’s much better to install close to the user’s house(the best way is to install within house-yard when possible)in order to manage well and reduce the investment for power transmit line.

(3)Steel.hard plastic pipe or rubber pipe can be adopted as the penstock.The specific requirement for this are as follows:the pressure no less than 2.5kg/cm2 and no leaking,The diameter of pip should not less ahan 50-65mm when the drop is lower than 12m,and not less that 32-50m when drop is higher than 12m.For the installation it must be no bends and less joints if possible and with the lengh not over 50m,A filter screen should be installed in the upper intake of penstock in order to prevent from blocking of foreign material.

(4) The base structure may be built from local material.You can make a round hole which has the diameter as same as the lower inner cirle of the turbine frame by using cement,wood-board,etc,and fasten it in screw or round nail,also it should be positioned horizontally,The surface of drainage must be away from the bottom of base for 20-30cm,It must be covered with proper shelter to prevent from raining and sun-light when the unit is installed outdoors.