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Suneco is a manufacturer and supplier of hydroelectric generators submersible propeller in China. The main size is 0.55KW.

We also have hydro generators from 100w, 300w, 500w, 1kw, 1.1kw, 1.5kw, 2kw, 3kw, 5kw, 6kw, 8kw, 10kw, 15kw, 20kw 30kw, 50kw, 100kw, 200kw hydro turbine generators for both home use and commercial projects.

Suneco invested a new factory to produce pico hydro turbine generator units. It can provide the competitive price on all our pico hydro generators and submersible turbine generator.

Submersible Turbine Generator

Model No: QS-LZ-12-0.55KW
Output/Power: 550 watt
Rated Head: 12 – 18 Meters
Rated Flow: 5 – 7 (l/s)


Submersible Turbine Generator

Suneco Hydro is a Manufacturer of hydroelectric generators submersible propeller and submersible turbine generator. We supply Good Price, High quality submersible turbine generator.

550w(0.55kw) Submersible Hydro Turbine Generator

Main Parameters of Submersible Turbine Generator
No. Items Parameters Remarks
1 Model XJ18-0.5DCT4-Z Single  NozzleTurgo Turbine
2 Rated Head 12–18 (meters)
3 Rated Flow 5–7 (l/s)
4 Output 500 (W)
5 Efficiency 70 (%)
6 Pipe Diameter 50 (mm)
No. Items Parameters Remarks
1 Model SF0.5-4  Permanent Magnet Generator
2 Style PMG
3 Output 500 (W)
4 Voltage 230 or 110 (V)
5 Current 2.17 (A)
6 Frequency 50 or 60 (HZ)
7 Rotary Speed 1500 (RPM)
8 Phase Single (Phase)
9 Power Factor 1.0
10 Altitude ≤3000 (meters)
11 Insulation Grade B / B
12 Protection Grade IP44
13 Temperature -25~+50
14 Relative Humidity ≤90 %
Control Box / Control Panel
No. Items Parameters Remarks
1 Model WY0.5-1
2 Safety Protection Short circuit Protection
3 Insulation Protection
4 Over Load Protection
5 Grounding Fault Protection
No. Items Parameters Remarks
1 Packing Material Fiberboard
2 Packing Size 38×34×40 (CM)
4 Gross Weight 27 (KGS)

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Suneco Hydro is a manufacturer of submersible turbine generator, submersible hydro generator with cheap price.

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