100kw hydro turbine generator price

100kw hydro turbine generator price

Model No: XJ102-100STB4-Z
Output/Power: 100 kw
Rated Head: 102 Meters
Rated Flow: 150 (l/s)

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Can you give a quick quote for the following hydropower requirements:

Design Q = 150 lps (0.15 cms) (150L/s)

Gross Head = 102 m

Q at 80% = 37.2 lps (0.0372 cms)

Thank you and hoping for your feedback.

from Metro Manila, the Philippines
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Suneco Hydro supplies 100kw hydro turbine generators for the Philippines. The 100kw model is : XJ102-100STB4-Z

Main Specifications
Turbine Remarks
Model XJ102-100STB4-Z
Reted Head 102m
Rated Flow 150l/s
Diameter of penstock 250mm
Power 114.5KW
Efficiency 77.8%
Rated speed 1600 r/min
Generator Remarks
Model SFW100-4/493 Conforms to the IEC international electrician committee standard


Rated Power 100KW
Rated Voltage 400V
Rated Current 160A
FQCY 50 Hz
Rated speed 1500 r/min
Phase 3
P.F. 1.0
Altitude ≤3000m
Insulation Grade B/B
Protection Grade IP44
Ambient Temperature -25℃ ~ +50℃
Relative Humidity ≤90%
Control Panel Remarks
Safety Protection Short circuit protection
Over load protection
Overvoltage protection
Governor Manual-Electric governor
Valive Z41H-1.0C  DN250
Packing Material Fiberboard box
Packing Size  
Generating Unit Gross Kg 3.3T
Switchboard Gross Kg 150KG

100kw hydro turbine generator price:

Price:USD55,672.79/set (CIF Manila Port, the Philippines.)

Note: Generator efficiency is 91%, total outpower 104KW, If water flow is: 37.2L/S, outpower is 23kw.

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