40kw micro hydro turbine generator price

40kw hydro turbine generator price

Model No: HL13-40SCT8-Z
Output/Power: 40 kw
Rated Head: 13 Meters
Rated Flow: 578 (l/s)

From Buyer of Puerto Rico:
I need to power two 30 HP motors with 480 VAC 3 phase and 40 FLA

The project is for a dam that distribute close to 90 million gallons per day through two separate lines one 54 (50 MGD) inches and the other is 48 inches (40 MGD).

Let us know if more information is needed


We have here around 125 drinking water plants, will be interesting to explore opportunities here.

Suneco Hydro supplies 40kw hydro turbine generators for Puerto Rico. The 40kw model is : HL13-40SCT8-Z
40kw micro hydro turbine generator price

Main Specifications of 40kw hydro turbine generator
Turbine Remarks
Model HL13-40SCT8-Z X 2
Reted Head 13m
Rated Flow 578 l/s
Diameter of penstock 500mm
Power 46 KW
Efficiency 80%
Generator Remarks
Model SFW40-8/493 Conforms to the IEC international electrician committee standard


Rated Power 40KW
Rated Voltage 380V
Rated Current 54A
FQCY 50 Hz
Rated speed 1500 r/min
Phase 3
P.F. 1.0
Altitude ≤3000m
Insulation Grade B/B
Protection Grade IP44
Ambient Temperature -25℃ ~ +50℃
Relative Humidity ≤90%
Control Panel Remarks
Safety Protection Short circuit protection
Over load protection
Overvoltage protection
Packing Material Fiberboard box
Packing Size Generator & Turbine 120*88*115 720KG
Weight Control box 62*46*127  85KG

40kw hydro turbine generator price:

Price:USD26,642.00/set (FOB China port)

If you are looking for hydro turbine generators 40kw, 50kw, 60kw,70kw,80kw,90kw, we are ready to quote to you immediately.

If you are coming from Puerto Rico, and inquiry our hydro turbines, the above quotation can be your reference. The cost of 40kw hydro turbine is around US$26,642.00/Kit.
40KW micro hydro power

Above image is 40kw hydro turbine control box.

50 MGD and 40 MGD, stands for

– 50,000,000 x 3.785 /24/60/60 = 2,190 l/s for the 54 inches pipe (x2.54= 137 cm pipe)

– 40,000,000 x 3.785/24/60/60 = 1,752 l/s for the 48 inches pipe (x2.54 = 122 cm pipe)

Regarding water head, not sure why you need the data because the head is enough to produce that flow.

From the diameter of the pipe and the flow, you can calculate flow velocity (5.67 ft/secs and 4.92 ft/sec)

If you still need the head information I will need to investigate further.

date: Jul 3, 2020, 6:11 PM
subject:RE: Contact Form – Suneco | Hydro Power [#5691]
Dear Sophia:

I will have a site visit today. I will try to get the information from the client and/or visual inspection. I will send you photos

Since the dam has two outlets and we need close to 80 kw, we can slpit and offer two units 40 kw each, so the head will be close to 13 meters, which I feel can be possible,

Can you provide us with a budgetary estimate assuming those conditions are met?

date: Jul 4, 2020, 1:56 AM
subject: RE: Contact Form – Suneco | Hydro Power [#5691]
Dear Sophia:

We have good news. Water flows to the drinking water plant from the dam using pumps. Pressure on the pipe is close to 80 PSI (160 feet = 48 metrs)


date:Jul 6, 2020, 7:43 PM
subject:RE: Contact Form – Suneco | Hydro Power [#5691]

Dear Sophia

Thanks for the follow up. Some questions that client will ask for sure

– What is the pressure loss

– Since the client uses pumps to transfer the water from the dam to the plant, this pressure loss implies that the pump will use more energy, how much?

– Do you have any installation similar to this (uses pumps before the turbine)

Please reply to these questions as soon as possible

date:Jul 7, 2020, 3:09 PM
subject:Re: Contact Form – Suneco | Hydro Power [#5691]
Reply on :40kw micro hydro turbine generator price

Dear Carlos,

Nice day!

As to your questions in the previous email:

1. Pressure loss also known as pressure drop, is a technical and economic indicator that represents the amount of energy consumed by the device.

It is expressed as the total pressure difference of the fluid at the inlet and outlet of the device, which essentially reflects the mechanical energy consumed by the fluid passing through the device and the power consumed by the hydro unit proportional to.

2. The calculation of the loss of pumping water needs relevant data, which needs to be calculated by professionals.

3. Our experimental equipment is to pump the water to the hydro unit to complete the test.

Is my explanation clear enough? Any other questions?

date:Jul 7, 2020, 6:21 PM
subject:RE: Contact Form – Suneco | Hydro Power [#5691]
Here is a drawing to show my question

-The question is : how much increase in energy consumption the client pump will have due to the new pressure drop

-Client pump kwhr + X kwhr due to new pressure drop

We have around 125 drinking water plants, most of them deliver water by gravity, so the opoortunuities are good.

We just wantt to have some answers in advance for special cases like this one.

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