Pelton Type Turbine Generator Units

Pelton Turbines

Model No: 20 000 kW
Output/Power: 500KW- 100000KW
Rated Head: 100-1000 Meters
Rated Flow: 0.2m3/s- 10.0m3/s

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Pelton Turbine Generator fit for middle and high water head.

Pelton turbine is applicable for different heads of 100-1000 meters.

The feature is that is works by impulsing the runner to rotate with kinetic energy of water flow, and the jet centre of nozzle and the runner are in the same plane.

This kind of turbine shall be of compact conformation,reliable operation and convenient operation and appropriate to the power station of big load variation.

Head range from 30 m up to more than 1 000 m
Capacity up to about 20 000 kW Single- double-, four-, five- or six-jet

Design available Horizontal or vertical shaft arrangements Jet deflectors for outstanding dynamic performance 2 or 4 bearing gen-set arrangements Well suited to sites with significant fluctuations in the water flow.

Developed for use in demanding application with debris-containing water Optimized jet and runner design for highest efficiencies Nozzle control either electrically or hydraulically Runner cast from high grade, extremely wear resistant, stainless steel Maintenance free shaft seal design.

Export Markets︰

The micro pelton turbine spreads all over the country in each province and autonomous region, export to more than ten countries such as U.S.A., Iran, Vietnam, Indonesia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Mongolia, Korea,etc…

Specifications︰Pelton Type Turbine-Generator Units

Type of the runners : CJA237-W-55- 250
The diameter of the runner is from 0.45m- 4.0m;
Suitable water head: H =84m- 500m;
Suitable flow: Q =0.2m3/s- 10.0m3/s
The capacity of the generator unit: 500KW- 100000KW.

Advantages︰It is suitable for high water head and little flow hydropower stations in mountain areas

The micro pelton turbine units have many advantages such as simple structure, wide stability and little investment

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