Kaplan Turbine Propeller Type

Kaplan Turbine

Model No: 20 000 kW
Output/Power: 400KW- 100000KW
Rated Head: 2 to 50 Meters
Rated Flow: 1 m3/s to 60 m3/s

Kaplan (Propeller type) Hydro Power Turbine Generator Plants
Suitable for low Head (2 to 50 m) and high Flow rate (1 m3/s to 60 m3/s).

Capacity up to about 20 000 kW.

Normally vertical shaft arrangement.

Horizontal shaft arrangement is available to save civil works.

Complete range of specific speeds for runner design allows optimized matching to synchronous speed.

Compact design and low maintenance requirements by rigorous selection of best suited materials and proper design.

Bearings rated for more than 100 000 hours of operation.

Wicket gate control electrically or hydraulically.

Export Markets︰
Each province and autonomous region of the whole country, export to more than ten countries such as U.S.A., Iran, Vietnam, Indonesia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Mongolia, Korea,etc..

Specifications︰Propeller Type Turbine-Generator Units

Specification: ZD760, ZD560 and ZDJP502,ZDT03 series products;
The diameter of the runner: 0.3m-550m;
Suitable water head: H =3m- 30m;

The capacity of the generator unit: 400KW- 100000KW

Advantages︰It is suitable for hydropower stations whose water head and power change largely, and can run efficiently and stably in all kinds of situation.