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How to Choose a right micro hydro turbine?

1.When you can search from the search engine, that we knew you are very interested in micro hydro turbines now. and we also knew that you already have a site. If you still not measure it, please do as our instructions:
Firstly, Measure your water site, the most important thing is to get the right water head and water flow. If you don’t know how to measure, please check the following links:
How to measure water head?
How to measure water flow?

2. If you already knew the water site and models, you can send the details of water head and water flow and other information to us. Before you send these information to us, it is better to send detailed information, as we want to help you to get the RIGHT model and help you to get the power, not just sell you a product.
Please download and fill this form:
Hydro Power Water site information form and detailed micro hydro turbine models analysis
(.Doc document, you can save it as, and download it.)
If you filled the form, and please send to us by email: microhydropower@126.com
Do you know why we need these hydro water site information?
The answer is : If the water head and water flow information is not right, the models will be useless, and they can not generate the max power for your house.
That is not wasting time. It is to save your time.

3. If you already sent to us the water site information, you can wait our answers. We are usually working very quickly if we are at our office.
If we are not in our office, we will be at home, if we are not at home, we are at the Church, If we are not in the Church, we are on the way to the Church. and we enjoy our life and help people to know what is important in their life.
Thank you for your understanding.

4. We would like to help the people who love the planet, and help to save our planet.
Our idea is to “Let Both Grow Together”. and Let the planet to be greener.