All in One Integrated Solar Street Lights

All in one /integrated Solar Street Lights
All in one means , the Solar Panel, Battery, Led lamps integrated one board .
included the sensors .
Application and advantage:
Mainly for urban roads, highways, rural roads, village roads, residential factory, school, parks gardens and other public place;

Solar Powered ,Cost the power ,no need any wiring power, every year […]

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Explanation on the Size of Micro Hydro Power

Explanation on the Size of Micro Hydro Power:

Turgo turbine

Submersible turbine

Tubular turbine

single phase

three phase   or   tri-phase

permanent magnet


horizontal style

vertical style


dual-nozzle and dual-valve

4 pole

6 pole

with voltage regulator

SunEco-friendly Energy Products

All Sizes about High Water Head

Single Nozzle XJ14-0.3DCT4-Z
Single Nozzle XJ18-0.5DCT4-Z
Single NozzleXJ18-0.5DCT4-Z


Single Nozzle XJ25-1.5DCT4-Z
Dual Nozzle XJ25-1.5DCTH4-Z
Single Nozzle XJ25-3.0DCT4-Z

Dual Nozzle XJ25-3.0DCTF4-Z

Single nozzle XJ30-10DCT4-Z
Dual nozzleXJ30-10DCTF4/6-Z
Dual NozzleXJ30-15SCTF4/6-Z

Dual nozzleXJ30-20SCTF4/6-Z
Dual nozzleXJ38-30SCTF4/6-Z

More sizes about Medium Water […]

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LED Street Lights

LED Solar Street Light Manufacturers – China Cheapest Led Road Lamps.
LED Street Light, 80 to 140W

20w to 140w LED Street Light

MOQ:1 Pieces

Lead Time: 7 – 10 days

Payment Terms:Telegraphic Transfer in Advance (Advance TT, T/T)

Country of Origin:China (mainland)

LED Road Light, 80 to 140W,

Key Specifications/Special Features


High purity aluminum reflector, housing and heatsink, high strength […]

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Solar Water Heater

Suneco Solar

This one was installed in Argentina

Evacuated Tube Solar water heater from 100L to 300L

Mini order: 4 pieces

FOB China port.

It was installed in Poland.

Evacuated tube solar water heaters,

from 80L to 300L

Contact us today.

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Estimating WaterHead and WaterFlow

Estimating WaterHead and WaterFlow of Micro Hydro Power Station/Plant

A full feasibility study will needed to generate accurate waterhead and water flow rates, but it can be helpful to get a very rough and ready estimate of this before making your enquiry.


The waterhead is the height difference between where the water would enter the hydro […]

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How to Measure Water Flow

Before you decide to choose your water turbines, you need to measure the water flow of micro hydro power plant.

But how do we measure the water flow of your hydro site?

Today we are introducing to you how to measure water flow?

Measuring Water Flow

The second major step in evaluating your site’s hydro potential is measuring […]

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How to Measure Water Head

Measuring WaterHead

What is a head of water? how to measure water head? WaterHead is water pressure, created by the difference in elevation between the intake of your pipeline and your water turbine. WaterHead can be measured as vertical distance (feet or meters) or as pressure (pounds per square inch, newtons per square meter, etc.). […]

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Micro Hydro Power Guide

Micro Hydro Power Guide

Micro hydro power

1. What is Micro Hydro Power?

Micro hydroelectricity is derived from the term hydroelectricity.

Simply defined, hydroelectricity is the type of electric energy that is harnessed from the water.

Fast-Flowing water drops vertically from a high point to turn turbines.

The turbines, on the other hand, convert the water the kinetic energy in […]

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Water Turbine Design Guide

A typical water turbine

1. What is a water turbine?

Also known as Hydro Turbine, this is basically a machine that is designed to produce a rotary turning action at a specified speed.

The turbine can rotate at high or low speed depending on how it is set.

Well, that is the general definition of a water turbine.

A […]

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100 kW Hydro Generator Guide

100kw Hydroelectric Generator

Hydropower is currently among the most preferred source of energy.

It has several advantages over other renewable sources of renewable energy.

For instance, its supply is constant when we compare it to solar energy.

But, can I install a water powered generator for small scale use?

Yes, it is possible to install a water turbine generator […]

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