How to Measure Water Flow

Before you decide to choose your water turbines, you need to measure the water flow of micro hydro power plant.

But how do we measure the water flow of your hydro site?

Today we are introducing to you how to measure water flow?

Measuring Water Flow

The second major step in evaluating your site’s hydro potential is measuring […]

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How to Measure Water Head

Measuring WaterHead

What is a head of water? how to measure water head? WaterHead is water pressure, created by the difference in elevation between the intake of your pipeline and your water turbine. WaterHead can be measured as vertical distance (feet or meters) or as pressure (pounds per square inch, newtons per square meter, etc.). […]

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10kW Hydro Turbine Generator Buying Guide

10kW Hydro Turbine Generator Buying Guide

It is relaxing to have your source of electricity. If for years you have been depending on the national grid for power, and you have never been happy about it, then it is time to consider going your own way.

If there is a reliable water source nearby, consider yourself […]

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Planning a Micro Hydropower System

Overview of Micro Hydro Power System
Micro hydro is a kind of hydroelectric power that ordinarily delivers from 5 kW to 100 kW of power utilizing the regular progression of water.

The electric power systems that are rated below 5 kW are called pico hydro.

These installations can give the capacity to run a home or small […]

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Micro Hydro Power Guide

Micro Hydro Power Guide

Micro hydro power

1. What is Micro Hydro Power?

Micro hydroelectricity is derived from the term hydroelectricity.

Simply defined, hydroelectricity is the type of electric energy that is harnessed from the water.

Fast-Flowing water drops vertically from a high point to turn turbines.

The turbines, on the other hand, convert the water the kinetic energy in […]

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