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Suneco Hydro mainly supplies micro hydro generators.

300 W to 10 kW is a standard product out of the catalog. This is the core business of SUNECO. The range 10 kW to 200 kW is no standard anymore. Each project will review the available head height and flow range. Then select the the best suitable turbine type and lay the equipment to provide the best possible efficiency for the power output. This power range is always tailor-made case by case to work professionally. Also to decide if it needs stand-alone OR with more civil work have an integrated small powerhouse.

As you may know, hydropower generation is becoming more popular nowadays, and so, we are receiving too many inquiries every day, As every water site has different conditions, we have to quote and design for each site, which is time-consuming work for our engineers.

To speed up the process of designing and responding to your inquiries,

we are offering the V.I.P. Service :

Our VIP Services: USD199.00 per project, USD990.00 per year.

Join now, E-mail us now!! and remit to our PayPal account. Paypal ID: sunecohydro@gmail.com

As there are more and more inquiries for the hydro turbines, we need to answer many of the inquiries every day. But as you know, there are many clients, who only ask quotation, and compare the prices, they waste too much of their time and ours.

So we have decided to give VIP Services to our VIP clients.

We provide VIP Services of Hydro power solutions for VIP Clients:

  1. We calculate the water site data, choose the right hydro turbine model and give the earliest reply once receive your water data information.
  2. We quote you based on a win-win partnership.
  3. We are like your employees, but no need to pay us per hour, just pay per year, less than $3 each day
  4. If you come to China for a visit, we can accompany you and be your guide.
  5. After you pay the VIP Fees to us, we will be friends. and then we are your eyes and helpers in China.
  6. After you pay the VIP Fees to us, you can quickly have the right hydro generator models for your water site.
  7. After you paid the VIP Fees to us, you will not waste too much time on bargaining and waiting for others.

Having Value is much more important than just getting a price.

If you want to be a VIP Member of our VIP Quotation & design services, please contact us, send us your detailed address, and ask our bank account. ( We keep secret for your inforamtion, Your privacy is very important to us. )

Contact us now:

China Sales Office
Contact: Sophia
Add: Dali Economic Development Zone, Dali, Yunnan, China,

Sales office in the Philippines
Contact: Mr.Don
Add: Makati, Metro Manila, the Philippines.

Sales office In
Papua New Guinea
Contact: Welly
Add: PO Box 18, Bulolo, Morobe Province. Papua New Guinea.

Sales Office in Romania Contact: Adrian
Add: Constanta,Romania 905900

Contact us NOW.

E-mail(preferred):sunecohydro@gmail.com (send an inquiry through the contact form or e-mail to us Now.)

You will get a prompt reply in 1 hour, or within 24 hours. You will not need to wait too long.

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