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FAQ about hydroelectric turbine:


Q: Does hydro generator make AC output or DC output? Do I need a battery?

A: Our micro hydro generator make AC output, you can connect to your electric devices directly, you do not need a battery. If you want to use battery, you should install an AC-DC Adaptor, this will have extra cost.

Q: What certificate do these renewable energy products—Micro hydro generator carry?

A:All model micro hydro generators have CE certificate.

Q: Of what kind of material are the different pieces of the turbine made? The reason I ask this is because I need to know if we need to expect rust after that the turbine has been in contact with water.

A: Runner material is Steel with antirust treatment.
Except for 300w and 500w runner is made from Nylon 6,6.
Nylon 6,6 is made of hexamethylene diamine with six carbon atoms and acidipic acid.

Q: what is the lifetime I can expect?

A: Normal use period 20 years.

Q: Do I need to buy a controller?

A: Our hydro generator systems already installed with a controller. No need to buy it separately. Generator system include auto-voltage regulator device.

Q: What warrantee do you offer?

A: Quality assurance period: whole life time.
Within one year, we change a new system or spare parts for free. After one year, we provide replacement parts with separate charges.

Q: Is it possible to buy an extra set of blades?

A: Yes, we can provide extra blade and the runner.

Q: Maintenance of the micro water turbine?
A: You need simple maintenance such as periodically lubrication.

Q: System to derive the energy when there isn’t consumption?
A: The micro turbine system include electronic load control, when there is no consumption,the electronic load can consume excessive electricity.

Q: What is include in the controller and what function does it have?
Our controller include On-off switch, voltmeter, ammeter.
Over current protection, overvoltage protection, Over load protection, Short circuit protection

Q: how to govern the speed of turbine.? what happens to the speed of the turbine when the circuit trips or the generator is switched off.
Is there frequency controller. how does it work?
how the speed of the turbine is maintained with various load?. how the voltage is regulated?

There is electric voltage regulator who can help transfer extra electricity to power load to consume it so to have steady load and steady voltage.
For example, Generator rated voltage is 230V, When voltage is higher than 230V, electric voltage regulator will connect to dump load to consume extra electricity, so generator voltage will not higher than 230V, so to protect your electric device.
For permanent magnet generator, the voltage is in proportion to speed and frequency. If voltage is steady, speed and frequency is steady.

Q: How to calculate the available power of water site?
A: Power (watts) = Head (m) x Flow (liters/sec) x 9.81 (gravitational constant ‘g’)
A typical water to wire efficiency is around 60%–70%, so you should multiply the result by 0.6–0.7 to get the actual amount of electricity that you can expect from the site.

Q: The advantage of GD-LZ series hydro generators?
A: LZ means vertical, WZ means horizontal.
#1, LZ style only requires less place to install, it can save a lot of space, time and money on powerplant room building.
#2, LZ style has more reasonable flow channel design.
#3, LZ style has higher efficiency than WZ style.

Q: How to build a hydro generator for a boat-housing program?
A: We prefer you provide sketch drawing or water site pictures, we will design a system for you.

Q: How about output voltage and frequency?
A: We can adjust voltage according to the customer’s requirements. We have single phase 220-230V/50HZ, three phase 400V/50HZ. If you want 110V /240V /60HZ, Price will be 10% higher.

Q: How to measure water head?

Q: How to measure water flow rate?

How to Measure Water Flow

Q: Which model suit for my site?
We tailor the buyer’s site, you just tell us your water head, flow rate, pipe lengh and diameter, we will design a generator suit for your need. It can be single phase, three phase, grid tie and grid off, it can be 230V or 110V. All according to your requirements.