750w Hydro XJ18-0.75DCT4-Z

750w Hydro turbine

Model No: XJ18-0.75DCT4-Z
Output/Power: 750 watt
Rated Head: 14 – 18 Meters
Rated Flow: 5 – 8 (l/s)

The main data for this model is 18, and 0.75.

0.75 is the data of power : 0.75 kw.  and 18 meters is the waterhead of the water site.  (18 0.75)

Main Parameters of 750w Hydro Turbine Generator
No. Items Parameters Remarks
1 Model XJ18-0.75DCT4-Z Single  Nozzle

Turgo Turbine

2 Rated Head 14–18 (meters)
3 Rated Flow 5–8 (l/s)
4 Output 750 (W)
5 Efficiency 70 (%)
6 Pipe Diameter 75 (mm)
No. Items Parameters Remarks
1 Model SF0.75-4  Permanent Magnet Generator
2 Style PMG
3 Output 750 (W)
4 Voltage 230 or 110 (V)
5 Current 3.26 (A)
6 Frequency 50 or 60 (HZ)
7 Rotary Speed 1500 (RPM)
8 Phase Single (Phase)
9 Power Factor 1.0
10 Altitude ≤3000 (meters)
11 Insulation Grade B / B
12 Protection Grade IP44
13 Temperature -25~+50
14 Relative Humidity ≤90 %
Control Box / Control Panel
No. Items Parameters Remarks
1 Model WY0.75-1
2 Safety Protection Short circuit Protection
3 Insulation Protection
4 Over Load Protection
5 Grounding Fault Protection
No. Items Parameters Remarks
1 Packing Material Fiberboard
2 Packing Size 38×34×42 (CM)
4 Gross Weight 27 (KGS)

Micro Hydro Turbine is a small-scale generator for domestic use. It’s referred to as a “micro turbine.”

Micro generators are small in dimension and produce comparatively small force, suitable for small-scale energy production.

Micro generators are relatively a new discovering in the field of power generation.

Recent expertise and research has now made the invention of such a compact generator possible. Micro hydro mills are indeed successors of turbochargers used in trucks, and APU’s utilized in airplanes. What is absolutely a necessary characteristic of those turbines is that these can be utilized to generate electricity as well as to offer heating at the similar time.

Micro turbines come in several sizes that correspond to their output electrical power. There are “industrial micro generators”, “mini micro turbines” and “micro generators”.

An industrial micro turbine is capable of producing more than 1000 KW of electricity.

Such a powerful generator can power a complete town. Mini micro turbines are limited to an output energy range of 500 KW to 1000 KW.

These are economical versions and are suitable for small areas consisting of some houses.

Then there are micro turbines which can be designed to meet the needs of a single home only.

These are able to produce power ranging from 300w to 20 KW to 500 KW.

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