200 kw Hydro Generator

200kw Hydro Generator

Model No: XJ50-200SCTF6-Z
Output/Power: 200kw
Rated Head: 55 Meters
Rated Flow: 300l/s

200kw Francis turbine, 200kw hydro turbine generator

     Specifications and Quotation list for Suneoc Francis turbine of 2X200KW proposal
  Technical report H=42m; Q=2×0.68m³/s 200kw hydro turbines, francis turbines
1 Francis turbine: HLA914-WJ-42 Runner diameter—42cm
Rated speed—1000rpm
Efficiency of rated point—88%
2 Generator:SFW-200-6P Rated capacity—400KW
Rated voltage—400V
Rated power factor—0.8
Rated speed—1000rpm
Rated efficiency—93.0%
Runaway speed–2000r/min
3 Excitation method static silicon control
4 Control method computer
5 Speed governor CLYWT-300
 A    Hydraulic machinery
Code Name Type Qty Unit Unit price Total price
1 Francis turbine
Runner: ZG06Cr13Ni4Mo
 HLA914-WJ-42 2 Unit 140,000 280,000
2 Generator 380V SFW-200-6P 2 Unit 80,000 160,000
3 Computer controlled Governor CLYWT-300 2 Unit 65,000 130,000
4 inlet butterfly valve DN500-10 2 set 45,000 90,000
5 control system   2 set 50,000 100,000
6 water filter   2 set 1,000 2,000
7 packing   2 set 15,000 30,000
  Subtotal(USD) US$660,000.00

200kw hydro turbine price is USD660,000.00/Unit

If you just do a research on 200kw francis turbine, you can use this quotation for reference.  But this is not the final price for different hydro turbines, different water head and water flow has different calculation for 200kw hydro turbine.



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200kw water turbine Draft Tube Assembly

200kw Water Turbine Draft tube assembly consists of draft tube elbow and draft tube cone, for directing water flows down, thus making use of the potential energy of water flow at suction height and recycling kinetic energy of the flow.

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