100 kw hydro generator

100kw Hydro Generator

Model No:XJ50-100SCTF6-Z
Rated Head:55 Meters
Rated Flow:300l/s

100KW Hydro Generator

If you want to know 100kw hydro turbine price, send us water head and water flow of your water site, we will calculate the right model and cost for you.

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The rough cost of 100 kw water turbine generator is From US$55,000.00 to US$66,000.00/Hydro Kit

The above price, we can delivery it to Europe, North America( USA, Canada, Mexico),South Korea and most of the countries in Africa.

Main Specifications of 100kw hydro turbine generator
Turbine of 100 kw hydro generatorRemarks
ModelXJ50-100SCTF6-ZTurgo turbine


Reted Head55m
Rated Flow300l/s
Diameter of penstock300-350mm
Power100KW100kw Hydro Generator
Generator of 100 kw hydro generatorRemarks
Model100SCT6-ZConforms to the IEC( International Electrician Committee)
Rated Power100KW
Rated Voltage400V
Rated Current195A
Rated speed1000 r/min
Insulation GradeB/B
Protection GradeIP44
Ambient Temperature-25℃ ~ +50℃
Relative Humidity≤90%
Control Panel of 100 kw hydro generatorRemarks
Safety ProtectionShort circuit protection
Over load protection
Overvoltage protection
Packing MaterialFiberboard box
Packing Size
GrossKg1000 KG

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Check the following Specifications and cost of XJ80-100SCT6-Z.

Price is around FOB China Port, From US$56,253.00 to US$66,560.00/Hydro Kit

This price, we can delivery it to Europe, North America( USA, Canada, Mexico), Central America, South America and most of the countries in Africa.

Main Specifications of 100kw hydro turbine generator
Reted Head80m 
Rated Flow170l/s 
Diameter of penstock300-350mm 
Model100SCT6-ZConforms to the IEC international electrician committee standard


Rated Power100KW 
Rated Voltage400V 
Rated Current160A 
FQCY50 Hz 
Rated speed1500 r/min 
Insulation GradeB/B 
Protection GradeIP44 
Ambient Temperature-25℃ ~ +50℃ 
Relative Humidity≤90% 
Control PanelRemarks
Safety ProtectionShort circuit protection 
 Over load protection 
 Overvoltage protection 
Packing MaterialFiberboard box 
Packing Size  
Hydro GeneratorGrossKg3.3 Ton 
Control BoxGrossKg85Kg

100kw hydro turbine generators installation

If you would like to have 100kw hydro turbine genereator accurate price, please send your water head and water flow rate,  we can calculate the accurate cost and design the right model for you.

If you are looking for 100kW Small Water Turbine, and to know the Micro Francis Hydro Turbine Price, you are in the right place.

Suneco engineers can calculate water head and water flow, and get the right model of the hydro turbines and 100kw hydro turbine cost.

100kw water turbine generator parts

Specs of 100kw hydro turbine generator

Item100KW Hydro Turbine Parameter
Capacity100KW hydro turbine
Rated Head25.23m
Rated Flow0.486 m3/s
                                  100kw Francis Turbine
Type    Francis(Horizontal)
ModelXJ or GD 100KW
Rated Speed1000r/min
Runner Diameter35cm
Runner MaterialStainless Steel (06Cr13Ni4Mo)

More sizes(500W to 500kw) are available upon clients’ special requirements.
100 kw water turbine

100kw hydro turbine Parts for Water Inlet

The 100kw water turbine water inlet part is the valve.

The valve is used to close the unit in static water in a stop command, and to close the unit, cut the water flow in dynamic water in emergencies, after which the hydro turbine distributor shuts down.

100kw water turbine generators

100kw hydro turbine Spiral Case

The 100kw hydro turbine spiral case is a welded part, equipped with fixed guide vanes in it.

The 100kw water turbine spiral case swirls of water flows and channels it into guide vanes to drive the runner.

At the top of the case is an air relief valve to exhaust air before filling in water for the first time.


100kw Water Turbine distributor

The 100kw water turbine distributor consists of guide vanes, a guide vane lever, shaft sleeve, a front cover and a back cover etc.

It swirls water  and adjusts turbine flows based on the load. It is also used for normal/emergency shut down. The guide vane sleeve has an O ring for sealing.

The control ring is welded by steel plate as a whole, with the circular guideway and wiring plate in lubrication at the bottom.

The control ring is resilient to stand through unbalanced stress of the servomotor.

Theounterweight is on counterweight support. In case the servomotor is in fault, counterweight will close the guide vane by action of gravity.

100 kw hydro turbine generators

100KW Hydro Turbine Generator Runner

The 100KW Hydro Turbine Generator runner is at the heart of the turbine, converting hydro energy to mechanical energy.

It is casted and welded as a whole, with its crown, band and blades of stainless steel ZG06Cr13Ni4Mo, which is perfect in terms of anti-cavitation, anti-corrosion and welding.

The 100kw hydro turbine runner is subject to static balance testing after machining. Holes on the runner crown should be avoided as they reduce the direct flow pressure on the runner.


100kw water turbine Draft Tube Assembly

100kw Water Turbine Draft tube assembly consists of draft tube elbow and draft tube cone, for directing water flows down, thus making use of the potential energy of water flow at suction height and recycling kinetic energy of the flow.

All connecting flanges are sealed and immersed part of draft tube is no less than 30cm, for keeping water/steams out of the draft tube.


100kw hydro turbine Pressure Gauge & Vacuum Gauge

The pressure gauge is on the spiral case for checking on the pressure inside.

And the vacuum gauge is on the draft tube elbow for checking the vacuity.

Valves are equipped alongside the pressure gauge and the vacuum gauge to open/cut off piping.

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