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Hydro Turbine Generators Efficiency Testing

Hydro Turbine Generators Efficiency Testing:

Experiment Lab Facility, Efficiency testing.

Experiment Lab Facility, Efficiency testing.

Francis Turbine Model Efficiency Test
Tubular turbine Model Performance Test

Model Test Bench

Model Runner Blade Cavitation Observation

Hydropower Generators, Hydro Turbines, Hydro Mechanical Equipments, Control & Automation Systems, Auxiliaries, etc.  for a complete range of equipments and services for Hydroelectric Power Plants;  Power Electronics like […]

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Slurry Pump

New type DZJ series slurry pump use solid-liquid 2 phases flow theory design, water conservancy efficiency have improve 3-5% more than traditional slurry pump, optimization design of sheath, lower wear.
2.Special designed combined mechanical seal, produced by professional manufacturer, easy for adjustment, performance is more stable, we have solved the questions of slurry pump mechanical […]

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