6KW Hydro Turbine Generator Buying Guide

If you are looking for 6kw hydro turbine generator, this is your right buying guide.

We already exported this product to Canada, USA, Mexico, and South American countries.

There is a river or stream that is passing nearby. Instead of letting that water go to waste, why don’t you tap it for electricity generation?

As small as it may appear, it has a great potential of generating energy that will be sufficient for your consumption. It all starts by buying a 6kW hydro turbine generator in China.

While other powerful hydro generators have the potential of generating more power, you should never underestimate the power and capabilities of this hydropower generator.

Read on as we unravel critical facts of the 6kW turbine generator and why you should buy it.

Parameters of the 6kW hydro generator

Technical parameters 6kW hydro turbine 

When it comes to buying a 6kw hydro turbine generator, you should know what to expect from it and the requirements for installing the generator.

This is why you should pay attention to the various technical parameters of this hydropower generator.

Some of the technical parameters include:

-Rated Head: This is the differential distance between the intake and discharge point of a hydro site. It is measure in meters

The recommended head of a 6kW hydro 18 to 20 meters.

-The rated flow: This is the volume of water that flows to the turbine at any given time. It is measured in l /s

The rated flow of a 6kW hydro turbine generator is 38-50 l/s.

The flow is not constant because the flow of any water source will keep varying.

-Output power: Since this is a 6kW hydro turbine, its output power is 6 kilowatt or 6000 watts.

-Efficiency: The hydro turbine generator operates at a 70% efficiency thus minimizing heavy losses during the hydropower generation.

-Pipe diameter: The calibrated pipe diameter of the turbine is 200 meters.

Parameters of the 6kW hydro generator

Apart from the turbine, you should also know the technical parameters of the generator. This is because the two work as a unit and their parameters should match.

The power output of the generator is 6000 watts.

The rated voltage is between 230V and 110V

The running current of the 6kW generator is 26.80 A.

The generator has a rotary speed of 1500 RPM and has a frequency of between 50 to 60 Hz.

This is a single-phase hydro generator with a power factor of 1.0

This is a premium quality generator that features an IP44 Protection Grade and insulation grade of B/B.

When it comes to the conditions of operation, the generator can be used on temperature ranging between -25 to +50.

The humidity should not be more than 90%.

Control panel specifications

Even as you focus on the performance of the hydro turbine, you should spare some thoughts on the usability of the turbine.

How hard or easy is the hydro turbine? This is where the issue of the control panel comes in.

It determines how you can use the turbine. A well-refine hydro turbine generator will give you an easy time when it comes to using. The reverse is true for the turbines that are not well-refined.

The control panel of the turbine generator features buttons that give users full control of the equipment.

The control panel is also laden with different safety protection features which include overload protection, grounding fault protection, insulation protection, and short circuit protection.

So, apart from the usability, the control panel takes charge of the safety issues concerning the hydro turbine generator.

What are the applications 6kW hydro turbine generator?

A 6kW hydro turbine generator is quite a powerful energy source. It has the capacity to produce electrical energy that is enough to power a small community of people.

These turbines are quite common in developing countries as they provide electricity for isolated communities.

Manufacturers that want independent energy sources also use 6kW hydro turbine generators to run their companies.

6kW Hydro Turbine Manufacturer in China

At this point, I hope that you have gauged yourself to find out whether you are a suitable buyer and user for the 6kW hydro turbine.

If you are sure that this is the right device or machine for you, then the next step is to make a purchase.

It is obvious that where you buy the hydro turbine generator matters. Even though you may be equipped with the right information about the product, a misstep in choosing the seller can end up costing you a fortune.

You can end up buying from a questionable manufacturer and this will result in having substandard hydro turbines.

The best of avoiding such pitfalls is by choosing a reliable 6kW manufacturer and supplier in China. Such manufacturers are committed to meeting the full needs of their customers.

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From this guide, it is clear that 6kW is a valuable power generation equipment that you should consider buying and installing in your hydro site without any hesitation.

With the help of an expert, you should be able to complete the installation without facing any serious bottlenecks.

Once everything is set, you will enjoy a continuous electricity supply from your 6kW hydro turbine power generator.