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Micro Hydro Power from the Global Market

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Micro Hydro Power


Micro Hydro Power – Professional supplier of micro hydro turbine, small hydro turbine. Will you join us and save the world?

Paginaweb nueva para América del Sur: Turbinas Eólicas,
Https:// www.turbinas-eolicas.com
Los países de América del Sur : Bolivia Turbinas Eólicas, Brasil Turbinas Eólicas, Colombia Turbinas Eólicas, Chile Turbinas Eólicas, Ecuador Turbinas Eólicas, […]

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Control System

We mainly supply micro hydro generators. We also can supply solar water heaters, solar power system, LED Street lights, other LED Lights, heat pumps, wind turbines. mostly are green energy products.


The heart of every modern hydropower plant is a high-performance, automatic control system. Process visualisation, monitoring and remote control systems offering the possibility for […]

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