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We mainly supply micro hydro generators. We also can supply solar water heaters, solar power system, LED Street lights, other LED Lights, heat pumps, wind turbines. mostly are green energy products.
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Hydro Resources

What are Hydro Resources?

"Hydro" is derived from the Greek word hydra, meaning water. Hydro-electric power is electricity produced by the movement of fresh water from rivers and lakes. Gravity causes water to flow downwards and this downward motion of water contains kinetic energy that can be converted into mechanical energy, and then from mechanical energy into electrical energy in hydro-electric power stations. At a good site, hydro-electricity can be a cost effective means of generating electricity.

Figure 1 The Water cycle
The water cycle (technically known as the hydrological cycle) is the continuous circulation of water within the Earth's hydrosphere, and is driven by solar radiation. This includes the atmosphere, land, surface water and groundwater. As water moves through the cycle, it changes state between liquid, solid, and gas phases. Water moves from compartment to compartment, such as from river to ocean, by the physical processes of evaporation, precipitation, infiltration, runoff, and subsurface flow (Wikipedia, 2008).

The Need for Hydro Power in a Sustainable Power System

Hydro power has benefits in terms of the reduction in carbon dioxide emissions and air pollution as compared to conventional power systems. Unlike conventional coal-fired power stations, which take hours to start up, hydro-electric power stations can begin generating electricity very quickly. This makes them particularly useful for responding to sudden increases in demand for electricity by customers, known as "peak demand". Hydro-stations need only a small staff to operate and maintain them, and as no fuel is needed, fuel prices are not a problem. Also, a hydro-electric power scheme uses a renewable source of energy that does not pollute the environment. The cost of generating electricity is also relatively small and hydro dams can last for many decades before needing major capital works. Also the flexibility of hydro power is a large benefit. Large hydro installations range from many gigawatts to a few watts, making it a very scalable and flexible method of generating power for each unique hydrological situation.


The Future for Hydro

As a cheap, renewable source of energy with negligible environmental impacts, micro-hydro power has an important role to play in future energy supply scenarios, particularly in developing countries. It is an attractive alternative to diesel systems in developing countries as a means of achieving rural electrification. Also large hydro power can provided large amounts of power with significant reductions in emissions. However the environmental problems caused by the lack of ecosystem consideration in the planning and design of such large hydro installations are serious, and must be taken into account when determining the environmental impact of the project. The growing awareness of the negative environmental effects surrounding large hydro has stimulated much interest in smaller installations, namely in the microhydro arena.


Please visit our other Hydro web pages for further information on estimating your potential, feasibility studies, abstraction licensing, system design and installation. maintenance.

micro hydro power, micro hydroelectric generator
Dual Nozzle XJ25-3.0DCTF4-Z
small hydro generator
Single Nozzle XJ14-0.2DCT4-Z
Dual nozzleXJ30-20SCTF4/6-Z
hydro power turbines
Stream Line, Kenya
Small Hydro
Water Turbines
Figuring Out if Microhydro Will Work For You
Hydro Power
A Guide to Hydro Power
Hydroelectric Scheme
Hydropower As Renewable Energy
Introduction to Water Turbines
Hydro Power Intro
Hydro Resources
Solar Powered Water Pumping
Natural & Renewable Energy Sources
Output Voltage(v):220(VC),Output Power(w):100,150,250-350
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Station Site and Installtion
Solar Energy
Water Power Plant Hydro Generator with 55 to 20,000kW Power and 187.5 to 1,000rpm Speed April 9, 2013.
Tabular Turbine with Capacity Ranging from 0.8 to 30kW, Suitable for Low Water Head/Large Flow April 9, 2013
1,500rpm Box-type Micro Hydraulic Turbine with 14 to 18m Rated Head and 0.75kW Power April 9, 2013

Hydroelectric Generator with 30kW Output Power and 250 to 300mm Inside Pipe Diameter
Micro-hydroelectric/Water Turbine Generator, Output Power of 1,100W, Penstock Diameter of 100mm

Micro-hydroelectric/Water Turbine Generator with 10kW Power Output and 30 to 38m Water Head Range
Micro-hydroelectric/Water Turbine Generator with 750W Output Power and 75mm Penstock Diameter

Micro-hydroelectric/Water Turbine Generator with 50mm Penstock Diameter and 300W Output Power
Green Power Water Turbine/Micro-hydroelectric Generator with 50mm Penstock Diameter
Green Power/Water Turbine Generator with 50 or 75mm Penstock Diameter and 115 or 230V AC Voltage,
1,500W Micro-hydroelectric/Water Turbine Generator with 8 to 11L/Second Water Flow Range
3,000W Micro Hydroelectric Generator/Water Turbine Generator with 25 to 35m Water Head Range        Help to save to environment! Join us now.

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Low Water Head





Medium Water Head







High Water Head

Single Nozzle XJ14-0.2DCT4-Z

Single Nozzle XJ14-0.3DCT4-Z

Single NozzleXJ18-0.5DCT4-Z


Single NozzleXJ22-1.1DCT4-Z

Dual NozzleXJ22-1.1DCTH4-Z

Single Nozzle XJ25-1.5DCT4-Z

Dual Nozzle XJ25-1.5DCTH4-Z

Single Nozzle XJ25-3.0DCT4-Z

Dual Nozzle XJ25-3.0DCTF4-Z



Single nozzle XJ30-10DCT4-Z

Dual nozzleXJ30-10DCTF4/6-Z

Dual NozzleXJ30-15SCTF4/6-Z

Dual nozzleXJ30-20SCTF4/6-Z

Dual nozzleXJ38-30SCTF4/6-Z

Hydro Power Turbines
Francis Turbine(mixed type)

Kaplan Turbine (propeler)


Tubular Turbine (bulb type)

Pelton Turbine(impulse type)

Turgo(Inclined Jet Turbine)


Synchronous Generator


Control System


Slurry Pump




Efficiency Testing


Manufacturing Machines


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