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For the past 16 years, Suneco Steam Turbine only does one thing that is produce Steam Turbine. If you need any Steam Turbines or Steam Power Turbines for your business, you’ve come to the right place!

Suneco Steam Turbine is a leading supplier of Steam Turbine in China, It is always our best endeavor to supply the right part at the right time at the right cost. “Customer Satisfaction” is our major concern. Our expertise and our latest Steam Turbine technology are based on the experience of many years in the production of Steam Turbines and Steam Power Turbine.

Suneco Generator provides gas energy solutions to both private users, small business and distributors. Our price is competitive and our Natural Gas Generator and Natural Gas Generator quality is the best. Suneco Steam Turbine also Supplies natural gas generator, rotary screw air compressors, centrifugal air compressors, ratary air compressor, screw air compressor, diesel generators.

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Steam Turbine
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Steam Turbine
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Steam Turbine

Steam Turbine Advantages

Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator
We supply AC output, you will not need inverter. If you want to keep electricity in batteries, then we supply a device AC-DC Adaptor.
Grid tie hydro power system
If you want to grid tie it, we will supply a asynchronous generator, then you can connect it to state grid directly, no need an inverter. We supply a grid tie controller set with system.
Hydro generator controller
Generator controller has automatic voltage regulator device to make steady voltage. Controller also has electric load to consume excessive electricity.
Efficient energy source
Small hydro generator only takes a small amount of flow (as little as 3 liters per second) or a drop as low as 2 meters to generate electricity with micro hydro.
Reliable electricity source
Hydro generator system produces a continuous supply of electrical energy in comparison to other small-scale renewable technologies. The peak energy season is during the winter months when large quantities of electricity are required.
Cost effective energy solution
Building a small-scale hydro-power system can cost from $1,000 – $20,000, depending on site electricity requirements and location. Maintenance fees are relatively small in comparison to other technologies.
Power for developing countries
Because of the low-cost versatility and longevity of micro hydro, developing countries can manufacture and implement the technology to help supply much needed electricity to small communities and villages.
Integrate with the local power grid
If your site produces a large amount of excess energy, some power companies will buy back your electricity overflow. You also have the ability to supplement your level of micro power with intake from the power grid.
SUNECO Steam Turbine is one of the reliable supplier of Steam Turbine.

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Ultimate Buying Guide: Steam Turbine.

Purchasing a steam turbine requires due diligence. You need to be fully equipped with the right information that will help you get the bests steam turbine generators.

In this guide, we are going to look at the best tips for buying steam turbine generators for power production.


  • What is a steam turbine?


A steam turbine is an engine that makes use of steam power to produce mechanical energy.

It is a device that transforms steam energy into kinetic steam energy.

It is steam that passes through the turbine’s blades, causing them to turn.

The steam turbine has a shaft that runs through its center and connects with a propeller or electrical generator.

A steam turbine is used to produce electricity in power stations. It is the main powerhouse in the steam turbine power plant.


  • Steam turbine working principle


A steam turbine is a rotary engine, so it can be compared to an internal combustion piston engine.

But instead of using air as the working medium, steam is used as the steam that turns the blades to produce energy.

Steam enters from a boiler into a chamber called a steam chest and expands in volume by traveling through nozzles on movable blades.

The steam, after expanding and doing work on the turbine’s blades, turns into steam again as it exits from the steam chest and goes back to the boiler as cold water.


  • How steam turbines generate electricity

steam turbine

A steam turbine generator is a machine that produces electric energy through steam power. The steam turbine works by taking steam from a steam generator and sending it through steam turbine blades that turn the shaft.

The steam then expands and loses energy, which is wasted steam. After being cooled down by water or air, the steam becomes liquid again before being reheated by the boiler’s furnace.

The steam goes back to its original state, which is now steam.

The steam turbine is located within a steam and condensation system that transforms steam into water and then back to steam through the boiler.

So the steam turbine simply uses steam as its working medium instead of air or any other working medium like in internal combustion engines or steam engines.


  • Types of steam turbines


Steam turbines come in different sizes and types. Here are the main types of steam turbines:

-Impulse steam turbines: steam is pushed onto the blades by steam jets from an exhaust.

-Reaction steam turbines: steam acts on steam turbine blades that are curved inwards or outwards, just like a jet engine’s airfoil.

-Combined steam turbines: steam is used on both the impulse and reaction steam turbines.

Steam turbine generators are classified according to their design features, which include speed, power output, steam flow type, efficiency rate, maximum rotor inlet steam temperature, etc.


Chapter 5: Steam turbine parts

You can get steam turbines with different types of steam turbine parts, which you can get according to your requirements.

Main steam turbine components include the steam inlet, steam nozzle, steam chest (reheater), blades (rotor), and stationary unit.


  • Chapter 6: Steam turbine efficiency steam turbines


Steam turbine efficiency is a steam turbine’s ability to use steam energy to produce the maximum power output possible.

The steam turbine generator should be able to sustain continuous operation under varying steam conditions for an extended period of up to several years.

A steam turbine should be designed in such a way that it can handle steam pressure variations, steam flow fluctuations, and steam surges.

The steam turbine generator should also be able to tolerate steam quality changes and maintain a constant speed with varying loads.

Steam turbines have a high-efficiency rate of more than 90% but their steam cycle is less efficient compared with the steam engine’s cycle.


  • Chapter 7: Cost steam turbine


Steam turbines are expensive to build, but they can produce more electricity compared with steam engines.

Steam turbines must be designed in a way where the temperature of steam entering the steam turbine blades does not exceed the absolute maximum allowable temperature of 450 degrees Celsius because this would heat up steam up even more.


But if steam turbine’s steam cycle is less efficient compared with steam engines’ Rankine Cycle, why would you get steam turbines?

One of the reasons is that steam turbines can produce more power output.


Steam turbine generators are more expensive to purchase compared with steam engines but steam turbines generate less noise and cost less to maintain because they have fewer moving parts than steam engines.


  •  Pros of steam turbine


– Steam turbines can produce more power output.

– Steam turbines are quieter than steam engines, but steam turbine blades may make a loud rotor noise when they rotate under load.

– Steam turbines use steam as their working medium instead of air or any other working medium like in internal combustion engines or steam engines.

– Steam turbines have fewer moving parts than steam engines.

– Steam turbine generators are more expensive to purchase compared with steam engines but steam turbines generate less noise and cost less to maintain because they have fewer moving parts than steam engines.


  • Cons of steam turbine

Steam Turbine China

Steam turbines are usually available in low, medium, or high-pressure types. But why would steam turbines be available in low, medium, or high-pressure types?

The steam turbine’s steam pressure level is directly related to steam turbine size, steam flow rate, and steam temperature.


Steam turbines are available in low-pressure type if it is meant for use in a particular application. They can handle steam at up to 15 bars gauge (15 kg/cm2), which is a steam pressure level of steam turbines that can handle steam at up to 15 bars gauge (15 kg/cm2).



  • Tips for choosing a steam turbine


Here are factors to consider when buying a steam turbine.


– Steam turbine type.

– Steam turbine generator type.

– Steam turbine’s steam pressure level, flow rate, and temperature.

– Steam turbine’s steam temperature limit.

– Seam turbine’s efficiency rate.

– Steam turbine generator size.



  • What is the cost of a steam turbine?


Steam turbines come in different price tags. It all depends on the specification of the turbine among many other factors.

 Also, where you buy steam turbines matters(steam turbine manufacturer and supplier).


Look at the specifications  of the steam turbine then know whether they are worth the price. You can also compare the prices from different steam turbine manufacturers and suppliers.


  • Choose a reliable steam turbine manufacturer and suppliers


It is vital to choose steam turbine manufacturers and steam turbine suppliers with a good reputation and track record.

Steam turbines come in different price tags. It all depends on the specification of the turbine among many other factors. Also, where you buy steam turbines matters(steam turbine manufacturer and supplier).


Steam turbines with certification like ISO (International Organization for Standardization) 9001:2008 or any other steam turbine manufacturer and steam turbine supplier that has the steam turbines certification.

In conclusion, the tips listed here will help you choose the best steam turbine for sale. Just know what you want then compare it with what is available in the market.

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