Permanent Magnet Generator

Model No: Permanent Magnet Generator
Output/Power: 3kw to 1000 kw
Rated Head:
Rated Flow:

Unlike traditional AC alternator systems, a Permanent Magnet Generator allows considerable benefits. Physical benefits with reductions in weight and length, coupled with electronic benefits, ensure a superior technology devised to maximize efficiency of the complete power system.

Our Permanent Magnet Generator has an inbuilt EMC filter which works in a system with a single phase inverter. Harmonic Distortion is very low at <2% giving superior waveform, meaning that our permanent magnet generators help you guarantee the safe operation of modern sensitive electronic equipment.

When using our permanent magnet generators, power density is increased using inverter technology, where the traditional excitation winding systems are replaced and the stator is central with an external rotor. This maximises the potential of the magnets used.

Low RPM permanent magnet generators and products allow you to increase efficiency and streamline your processes.

Hydro Generator

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Key feature of PMG (Permanent Magnet Generator)

●Low speed permanent magnet direct-drive generator. Do not need the gearbox. The turbine connects with the PMG directly, simplifying the structure and improving the system performance. The PMG can output 50Hz directly at rated speed.

●The gearbox reliability is not high. The system reliability can be improved if there is no gearbox. That means less maintenance, better utilization, longer lifespan for the system.

●The efficiency is high. The system efficiency can be improved by 20% when you use PM generator without gearbox.

●The PMG can work efficiently throughout the whole speed range. Less heat when working. The PMG can use natural air cooling.

●Low start-up torque, the system can output power at low speed.

●The PMG works at low speed, low noise, more safe and reliable, the lifespan of the bearings can be longer.

●The voltage, speed, and power of the generator can be customized. The shape can also be changed, using spine shaft, dual shaft, front edge or other output ways.

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generator drawing

Permanent Magnet Generator with Francis turbine


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