Net metering

Water turbines are ideal for net metering. You can sell your surplus energy to the National Grid, and get paid. This means very short pay-back times especially for DIY installations, and in all cases, the investment will be PROFITABLE!

In fact, you can claim the 4p/kWh even if you use the electricity yourself! This can make renewable energy very cost-effective.

High/Medium Head Turbine

These turbines are lightweight, and small in physical size, and yet able to supply high quality electricity, regulated in terms of frequency and voltage by their own internal voltage stabilisation circuitry. They are based on ‘Turgo’ runners, which provide an ideal alternative for the Pelton wheel at lower heads. The medium head turbines, for example, incorporate a ‘dump load’ ballast heating element in the draught tube, which uses water-cooling to ensure that the load on the turbine remains constant. The machines may be operated for years with minimal maintenance, although it is necessary to apply grease to the bearings using the grease cap a couple of times a month, to ensure a long life. By reducing the jet diameter on these turbines, it is possible to operate them with heads of over 100m

Mini Hydro

Micro hydro refers to hydro power systems with a power rating of 100kW or less. A 100kW system will produce 100 standard units of electricity in one hour. Micro hydro systems differ from large hydro power since the flows of water required are much smaller.
Micro hydro systems have been popular in some less-developed countries for a number of years enabling rural communities to enjoy the benefits of electrification in areas with hydro power potential but without a grid network. New technology, less stringent regulation of grid-connected micro hydro generators and standardized turbine designs are now encouraging more widespread interest in micro hydro.
Power Outputs: 300W – 30kW
Suitable head: 12m-45
Suitable flow:0.003m³/s-0.12m³/s

Characteristics and Advantages:

Full auto hydro power mobile station is the LATEST design as the power supply souce for outdoor use,
But no fixed installation site, with requirement of ultimately easy operation and unattended installation;
Wonderful choice for outdoor camping, scientific research use in remote areas with hydro power resource.

our company has developed include hydro turbine, hydro generator, excitation device, electric protection control panel, valves, pressure pipelines and water pump, etc. The hydro turbine is sorted in 5 categories, axle flow, mixed flow, cross flow, impact and inclined jet, including more than 30 series, 220 specifications. The generators have horizontal and vertical axis two types. We have attracted great concern and been well commented by the industrial managing department, hydropower construction units, many bidding companies and the customers.

Mini Hydroelectric Generators includes Francis, Pelton, and Kaplan three major types. Single unit capacity ranges from 300W to 200KW. Our factory locates at the main hydroelectric generators R&D site of China. According to specific natural condition and project requirement, we can customer-make the complete set of hydroelectric generator group, including control system, various specifications for your choice. All products are manufactured and tested according to China’s latest regulations, industry standard and other machinery regulations, with reasonable structure, insuring products reliable operation, high efficiency and easy maintenance. Mini Hydroelectric Generators gains acclamation of the customer.

Turbine type: Kaplan, Francis, Tubular, Turgo, Pelton
Water head: 2-1000meter
Power: 100kw to 15000kw
Comprises: Turbine, generator, governor, exciter, control panel etc.

We especially supply all-in-one control panel for low voltage water turbine, which can auto run, connect to the grid, and save money and work force.

We supply hydraulic turbines for projects ranging in head range between 2-1000 meters and output from 50 kW to 15 MW.

We specializes in tubular, francis, pelton and axial flow Kaplan turbines. Our larger Commercial systems are custom designed and made to customer’s specifications.

Regardless of size, all turbines are manufactured with only high-quality components, and undergo rigid quality inspections to ensure high efficiency and reliable operation.

We supply integrated micro hydro turbines and pico hydro turbines ranging from 300w to 35 kw for home/village/small factory use. We can supply kaplan, francis, turgo(inclined) and other types of hydro turbine, meeting different requirements.

Micro hydro power is generally identified as system which power is under 100kw. Micro hydro could supply power solutions for the remote mountain residents/national park/rural village/school/military camp/outdoor camp/etc which possess micro hydro resources. 0.1kw power could satisfy lighting, TV, charge and other basic needs; Higher power could make the house or village uses different electrical household appliances, meanwhile it could supply power for small plant for manufacture use.