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Micro Hydro Power Maintenance:
(1)Firstly,check whether all components are completed and the intake of pen stock is blocked.
(2)Then check whether the runner of turbine can be easil rotated,and rotated in by hand to ensure the voltage meter has readings(put the output switch in OFF positin).
(3)For the first starting,the output switch should be put in the voltage-stabilized control position(A),then open the gate to let water out from small to large,observe the readings meter till 220v or so continue enhancing water volume,the voltage device is reliable if the reading keep still,At this time the load can be connected,then adjust the water volume to hold the output of 220v or so.Once the stabilizing device break down,put the switch in B,then the voltage of unit will be under manual-controlled,you may follow the next procedure to control by valve.
(4)During the operation,the load should be kept stable as possible as can be.Don’t shut off the load suddenly,or else the high voltage will burn out the rest load,if you must disconnect the load,you may decrease water to small volume at first,then disconnect the most part of load when the voltage has dropped to below 220v(you must do as this even you run the unit under the using of voltage-stabilizing device).
(5)It need only close the valve to switch off the unit when the load has been stable after first operation,The power switch may hold on so that you may adjust voltage up to 200-220v directly for next running.

(1)To check and clean the mud and foreign material blocking in the intake house and trash rack.
(2)the frame of unit should be injected water-proof grease by using grease cup in every three month,each time rotating for three times.The upper bearing also should be added water-proof grease for every six months.
(3)The generator must be conducted the dry treatment before next start if it became wet.