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Micro Hydro Power
Micro Hydro Power – Professional supplier of micro hydro turbine, small hydro turbine,Francis Turbine ,Kaplan Turbine,Tubular Turbine ,Pelton Turbine,Turgo Turbine
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Suneco Green Energy Solutions
Suneco Green Energy Solutions for Solar water heaters, evacuated tube solar collectors, heat pipe solar collectors, vacuum solar tubes, Heat pumps, geothermal heat pumps, water source heater pumps, air source heat pumps, wind turbine generators from 300W to 100kw, hydro turbine generator from 200W to 300KW, solar pv panels, solar power systems, LED Street Light, Solar Street Light, all in one solar street light(integrated solar street light), water heating solutions, solar power solutions,wind solar hybrid systems, natural gas generators, steam turbine generator (≤100MW)with I&Cl system, electrical panels and switchgears, steam turbine spare parts and etc. Providing 1~1000MW Overhaul and Commissioning.


Wind Turbine Generator
Supply Small wind turbine generators from 300W to 100KW.


Suneco LED Lighting
Suneco supplies LED street light, solar street light, all in one solar street light.