Let me give a brief introduction of our mini hydro turbine:

Our off grid generator is Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator. We supply AC output, you will not need inverter. If you want to keep electricity in batteries, then we supply a device AC-DC Adaptor.

If you want to grid tie it, we will supply a asynchronous generator, then you can connect it to state grid directly, no need an inverter. We supply a grid tie controller set with system.

Inside generator controller, we have automatic voltage regulator device, so you will get steady voltage. With lesser flow, the wattage output and current reduce, but voltage keeps a steady value.

Controller also have electric load,when you have no consumption,the load can consume excessive electricity.

We can adjust voltage according to the your requirements. We can provide 240v-220v—110v, 50hz –60hz.

Normal life of this hydro turbine is 20 years. You only need Simple maintenance and periodically lubrication.

If you need a quote, please provide correct water head, flow rate, pipe line diameter, pipe material and pipe length.
Measure water flow of water site
hydro power system control