All in one /integrated Solar Street Lights

All in one means , the Solar Panel, Battery, Led lamps integrated one board .
included the sensors .

Application and advantage:

Mainly for urban roads, highways, rural roads, village roads, residential factory, school, parks gardens and other public place;

Solar Powered ,Cost the power ,no need any wiring power, every year save power up to 200KW/H per street lights,and also saving the wiring cost .

The Solar Panel from 10W-150W, the Led lighting now from 5W-60W are available,enough for the street lighting and garden lighting use.

The Battery is Lithium iron phosphate battery,safe and long time life.

All in one designed street lights is easy to install,maintain,and replace ,that will cost and save too much human cost also the products cost.

The lamp can sense the brightness of the external environment and lighted-on&lighted-off automatically

PIR sensor working mode can help saving 70% power when nobody around,it worked 30% power only.

100% full power lighting when people coming.

You are deserve to try if you are using the normal and old technology Street Lights

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