Tubular Turbine Large Hydro Power

Tubular Turbine

Model No: 20 000 kW
Output/Power: 400KW- 100000KW
Rated Head: 2-30 Meters
Rated Flow: 1 m3/s to 60 m3/s

Tubular turbine is widely used in a hydro power stations with the head of 2-30 meters.

The blades are fixed or can adjust manually.

The efficient turbine of this kind can produce a large quantity of water flow which passes unimpededly.

Export Markets︰

Each province and autonomous region of the whole country, export to more than ten countries such as U.S.A., Iran, Vietnam, Indonesia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Mongolia, Korea,etc..

Specifications︰Tubular water turbines
Specification: GD006 and GD008 series products;

The diameter of the runner: 1.2m-5.5m;
Suitable water head: H =2.5m- 30m;
The capacity of the generator unit: 400KW- 100000KW

Advantages︰It is suitable for areas such as plain, hills and coasts in which the water head is low and flow is large.

This type has large flow, high-efficient wide area.
Compared with vertical axle flowing type units, it is with high efficiency, the factory building is little in excavating amount, and hydropower station water conservancy project investment can save 10%- 20%, equipment investment saves 5%- 10%.

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