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We mainly supply micro hydro generators. We also can supply solar water heaters, solar power system, LED Street lights, other LED Lights, heat pumps, wind turbines. mostly are green energy products.
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Turgo turbine is one type of impulse turbine. Its nozzle has a 22.5°anglewith the runner rotation surface. Thewater coming from the penstock is converted into high speed jet by the nozzle, imposing the runner in inclined direction. The water runs in from one side of the blade, running out from the other side, pushing the runner to rotate, the runner then drive the generator through coupler to produce electricity. Turgo turbine has as simple structure as the pelton turbine, reliable and easy to maintain and manage. Moreover, it has the merit of high specific speed, wide application range, easy to coupling and direct connation to the generator. So, in the recent years, it is well developed and widely used in mountain area
Turgo turbine
Applicable water head:40~300
Simple structure
Easy inspection


Turgo Inclined Jet Turbine Turgo Inclined Jet Turbine
Turgo Inclined Jet Turbine 3
Turgo Inclined Jet Turbine 4  
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