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Have you ever considered investing in hydroelectricity?

This is the technology of generating electricity using water.

You will need to buy items such as hydro turbine, hydro turbine generator, micro-hydro turbine, mini-hydro turbine, water turbine generator.

Here is a list of the best Hydro Turbine Manufacturers and suppliers in Slovenia.

1. SIAPRO d.o.o. p.e. Cerkno Hidroelektrarne, Hydro Power Plants

Platiševa ulica 9, 5282 Cerkno, Slovenia


+38653841638 ,4XHQ+W3 Cerkno, Slovenia

2.Suneco hydro – Slovenia

We are looking for distributors and installers in Slovenia.

Small hydro turbine generator

3.Fala Hydro Power Plant

2343 Fala, Slovenia

+38623005541, HF54+9R Fala, Slovenia

20kw hydro turbine generator