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Have you ever considered in investing on hydroelectricty? This is the technology of generating electricity using water. You will need to buy items  such as hydro turbine, hydro turbine generator, micro hydro turbine , mini hydro turbine, water turbine generator.

Here is a list of the best hydro turbine Generator Manufacturers and Suppliers in ROMANIA.


1. Douce Hydro Romania

Bulevardul Muncii 14, Cluj-Napoca 400416, Romania


Is a global supplier of electromechanical systems and services (“from water-to-wire”) for hydropower plants. With over 170 years of accumulated experience and more than 30,000 turbines installed totaling approximately 420,000 megawatts output, the company is a leader in the world market for hydraulic power generation.

2. Hydro Depozit Romania

Strada Căprioarei nr.11, Ghiroda 307200, Romania


Is an industry leader in automated trashrakes. Offers hydrorake systems used in water intakes, hydroelectric dams and fish processing plants. Trashrakes increase flow efficiency, reduce operations/maintenance costs, and improve safety.

3. Dumitra Hydro Power Plant

79XH+CH Bumbești-Jiu, Romania

Has a global presence and reputation for high-quality reliable products, precision manufacturing, and worldwide service. Has supplied generator control and protective devices to the hydro industry since 1960. Call us for the best hydro equipment in Romania

4. SC Hydro Engineering SA

Calea Caransebeșului 16A, Reșița 320168, Romania


Is a global leader in building critical human infrastructure in the energy (including hydropower), water, telecommunications and government services markets. Since 1915, has helped clients improve the lives of people in more  through consulting, engineering, construction, operations and program management.

5. Hai Extrusion SRL

DN79A, Romania


We proudly independent of hydro turbine suppliers and will always recommend the most appropriate turbine from reputable, good quality manufacturers so what we only specify good quality equipment that has a history of reliable continuous operation to ensure that your project achieves a maximum return on investment. There are a number of hydro turbine types from a variety of suppliers.

6. Hydrosystems Romania

Nr.100, Strada Livezeni, Petroșani 332071, Romania


We are a team of people dedicated to a job well done, well prepared, enthusiastic and eager to evolve.

The principles we follow:

  1. Honesty. We are honest in communication and responsible for the information we provide.
  2. Proactivity . We do not wait for things to happen, we make things happen.
  3. Trust . We make realistic promises that we keep.
  4. Ambition . We are constantly looking for new challenges and we try to make things better every day.
  5. Teamwork . We focus on developing harmonious and high-performing teams, in which everyone gives their best

Extensive experience and good knowledge of the market have led to the establishment of long-term partnerships. These partnerships are strengthened by the level of services we offer, quality control, attractive commercial offers and fast deliveries.

We are 100% devoted to the “Better Everyday” principle.

7. Hydro Depozit Romania

Strada Căprioarei nr.11, Ghiroda 307200, Romania


Generating electricity from a stream or other water source has long been the realm of engineers, but this simple article explains how anyone with a handy-man background can do it. Micro-Hydro systems are becoming easier to build, more common, and are one of the most economical and reliable alternative-energy systems available.

8.Dumitra Hydro Power Plant

79XH+CH Bumbești-Jiu, Romania

Generating electricity from renewable sources of energy has been the need of the hour for many decades now. Many processes have contributed significantly in making the earth greener and reducing the cost of electricity usage, hydroelectric power generation is one such process. The old method of producing electricity involved the use of induction motors. provide hydro turbines, from a few megawatts up to 900 MW, and in a range of makes from Kaplin and Pelton to bulb hydro systems.

9. Ecovolt SRL

Strada Petreşti, Alba Iulia 510184, Romania

It’s a brand new era; an era of ideas and innovation. Micro hyrdo generator is the perfect example. It makes use of water to generate electricity. Isn’t it surprising? Now, this electricity just isn’t in watts but in tons of of watts. Which means that you need to use this state-of-the-artwork generator to energy your total house.produce wind and water turbines as well as customised control panels and can provide off the shelf solutions for energy needs.

10. Lotru-Ciunget Hydroelectric Power Station


Hydro Energy is a renewable energy resource that uses the movement of water to rotate a water turbine or wheel which in turn produces a rotational mechanical output. The potential energy of the moving water is released as work because the water is in motion and the best way to put large amounts of water in motion is to let gravity do the work. Then the most important element for the production of “Hydro Energy” is not the water itself, but gravity, as it is gravity that makes the water move.