Brief Introduction for Micro Hydro Generators

Let me give a brief introduction of our mini hydro turbine:

Our off grid generator is Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator. We supply AC output, you will not need inverter. If you want to keep electricity in batteries, then we supply a device AC-DC Adaptor.

If you want to grid tie it, we will supply […]

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How to Measure Water Flow

Before you decide to choose your water turbines, you need to measure the water flow of micro hydro power plant.

But how do we measure the water flow of your hydro site?

Today we are introducing to you how to measure water flow?

Measuring Water Flow

The second major step in evaluating your site’s hydro potential is measuring […]

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How to Measure Water Head

Measuring WaterHead

What is a head of water? how to measure water head? WaterHead is water pressure, created by the difference in elevation between the intake of your pipeline and your water turbine. WaterHead can be measured as vertical distance (feet or meters) or as pressure (pounds per square inch, newtons per square meter, etc.). […]

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