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Since 1991, Suneco Micro Hydro Power started to produce Micro Hydro Power Kits and micro hydro generator kits. If you need any Low Head Micro Hydro Turbine Generators and micro hydro power kits for your business, you’ve come to the right website!Suneco Micro Hydro Power is a leading manufacturer of Micro Hydro Power Kits and micro hydro generator kit in China. For the past 16 years, we only do one thing , that is to provide Low Head Micro Hydro Turbine Generator Kits and micro hydro generator kit to homeowners, individuals, distributors and dealers.

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As one of micro hydro turbine generator manufacturers, Suneco invested in a new factory to manufacture micro hydro turbines / Micro hydroelectric generator kit/micro hydro power kits. Suneco micro hydro power turbine generators guarantee all our customers a 3 year warranty and can offer good price and better quality control ability than any local Micro hydroelectric generator kit manufacturer.

You will get our full support during the installation process and safe payment assurance. Just tell us your water head and water flow and let’s get started right now!

Power 300w
110v / 230v
Small Micro Hydro Power Kits XJ14-0.3DCT4-Z
Power 500w
110v / 230v
small hydro generator XJ18-0.5DCT4-Z
Power 750w
110v / 230v
small water Micro Hydro Power KitsXJ18-0.75DCT4-Z
Power 1.5kw
Single Nozzle
mini hydro turbine generators XJ25-1.5DCT4-Z
Dual Nozzle
water turbine generator kit XJ25-1.5DCTH4-Z
Power 3kw
Single Nozzle
micro hydro power generator XJ25-3.0DCT4-Z
Dual Nozzle
micro turbine generator for home use XJ25-3.0DCTF4-Z
Power 6kw
Single Nozzle
micro hydro turbine generator suppliers 6kw XJ28-6.0DCT4-6-Z
Power 6kw
Dual Nozzle
micro turbine generator for sale XJ28-6.0DCTF4-6-Z
Power 10kw
Single Nozzle
pico hydro turbine 10kw micro hydro power XJ30-10DCT4-Z
Power 10kw
Dual Nozzle
pico hydro generator 10kw XJ30-10DCTF4-6-Z
Power 15kw
Dual Nozzle
micro hydro power turbine generator 15kw XJ30-15SCTF4-6-Z
Power 20kw
Dual Nozzle
micro hydroelectric generators Dual Nozzle 20kw XJ30-20SCTF4-6-Z
Power 30kw
Dual Nozzle
small hydro turbine generator dual nozzle 30kw XJ38-30SCTF4-6-Z
Power 550w
Low Head
Submersible Micro Hydro Turbine Generator QS-LZ-12-0.55KW
Power 3kw
Vertical Turbine
Micro Hydro Turbine Vertical Tubular Turbine 3kw GD-LZ-12-3KW
Power 6kw
Vertical Turbine
Micro Hydro Power Vertical Tubular Turbine GD-LZ-20-6KW

Micro Hydro Power Kits and Low Head Micro Hydro Turbine Generator

Micro Hydro Power Kits
We provide complete parts of Micro Hydro Power Kits and micro hydro power generators,micro hydro generator kit, all hydro turbine generator components can also be provided separately,
Residential Hydropower Systems
We are manufacturer of residential hydropower systems, can provide you total solutions for your own home power generator, and we can also help you DIY your micro hydro generator kit for your water site.
Hydro generator controller
Generator controller has automatic voltage regulator device to make steady voltage. Controller also has electric load to consume excessive electricity.
Water Powered Generator for Sale
Suneco Hydro not only sell Water Powered Generator, but also provide a hydro energy solutions to individuals. It is one of your best micro hydro turbine generator suppliers in China.
Micro Hydro Turbine Price
We provide off gird hydro power system and on grid hydro power systems to homeowners, individuals, dealers, distributors. Our price is very competitive, and we provide you solutions on how to make a water turbine generator at home.
DIY micro hydro generator
We help you to build a small-scale hydro-power system at home, so you can start your first DIY Micro Hydro Generator, you can buy parts : hydro turbine hydro generator, hydro battery,water rotor,even the small parts from us. You know the cost of them.
Ultra Low Head Micro Hydro
From Suneco, you can get Low Head Micro Hydro Turbine Generator Price, and we also produce Ultra Low Head Micro Hydro generators. We have both DC water turbine generator and AC water turbine generator. We also have 12 volt hydro generator and 100w water turbine
Water wheel power generator design
Our factory can also provide water wheel power generator design, water power generators. You can get microhydro clean power from water.
SUNECOMicro Hydro Power Kits Company design and manufacture off grid hydro power system and on grid/ grid tie hydro power system/micro hydro power kits, We have micro hydro turbines ranges from 100w to 200kw. If you want to know the price for 5kw hydro turbine and 10 kw hydroelectric generator, Contact us today, then you know all micro hydropower systems cost. also you can do your DIY micro hydro generator.

Why Do We Choose Suneco Micro Hydro Power Kits

  • Suneco has 15 R&D to ensure the modern design of Micro Hydro Power Kits.
  • Suneco inspect all micro hydroelectric generator kits before shipment.
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Resources To Help You Build Your Own Hydro Power System

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Hydro power is typically associated with big rivers, bigger dams and huge reservoirs
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The Ultimate Guide of low head micro hydro/micro hydroelectric generator kit/Micro Hydro Power Kits.

Micro Hydro Power Kit Ultimate Guide

What do you think of when you hear of hydro power systems?

Well, most of us will imagine a major project.

Probably a big river with a massive waterfall.

None of us will ever imagine running such a project. Right?

Is it possible to install a micro hydroelectric generator kit at home?

Most of us will easily brush off this idea.

The truth of the matter is it is possible.

Yes, a  micro hydro power kit can be your main source of electricity.

But, how?

Well, read on to the end of this post.

This is an ultimate guide of a micro hydro power kit.

1. What is Micro Hydro Power Kits

2. Components of Micro Hydro Power Kits

3. How Micro Hydro Power Kits Work

4. Types of Micro Hydro  Power Kits Turbine

5. Advantages of Micro Hydro Kits

6. Why aren’t Micro Hydro Power Kits not so Popular

7. The Cost of Micro Hydro Power Kits

8. Is Residential Micro Hydro Power Renewable

9. How Much Energy Can A Micro Hydro Turbine Generate?

10.Micro Hydro Power Kits Maintenance

11.Choosing Micro Hydro Power Kits Manufacturer

12.The Future of Micro Hydro Power Kits


What is a Micro Hydro Power Kit?

best micro hydro power kit
Best micro hydro power kit

Probably you have heard of the term hydroelectric generator kit.


Well, the definition of a micro hydro kit is simply derived from hydroelectric power.

In other words, a micro hydro power kit is simply the type of hydroelectric power that generates electricity whose power ranges between 5kW and 100kW.

From the term, “hydro” am sure you can guess the source of this electricity.

Well, your guess is right.

The electricity is generated by the natural flow of water.

Is the energy generated from a micro hydroelectric generator kit enough?

If you are having any doubts about these kits, you better start believing.

Microhydropower kits can generate enough energy to power homes, communities, factories, and even public institutions.

This means that they are energy sources that you can fully rely on.

You should not have any doubts regarding the installation of residential micro hydro power systems.

Are you running a small or a large business?

The power kits can easily meet your energy.

As long as you are near an ideal site, just install micro hydro power kits and start enjoying their benefits.

Once you install, you won’t need to buy fuel over a regular basis.

Micro hydro power kits can also complement the performance of other energy sources.

For instance, you can use the power kits together with the solar PV panels.

  1. Components of Micro Hydro Power Kits

micro hydro pipe drop
Micro hydro pipe drop

Do you want to learn more about micro hydro power kits?

We will start off by knowing its components.

Here are the main components that make up hydro power kits:

(i)Intake structure

This is the component that collects water from the main source.

It directs the collected water to the penstocks.

Intake structures come in different designs and structures.

The variation depends on the nature of the location.

The intake structure has racks which filter water from the debris.

In extremely cold areas, the racks have a heating system that melts the ice.


Penstocks are large pipes that channeled the water from the intake structure to the turbines

They are usually installed on slopes so as to transport water at high pressure.


Turbines convert the energy from water into kinetic energy.

This energy will, later on, be converted into electrical energy by the generator.

(iv)Power House

This is a building structure that houses the generator

It is here that the kinetic energy from the turbines is converted into electrical energy.

This energy is normalized then conveyed to the target users.


As expected, every inlet has an outlet.


A tailrace channels water from the turbine back to the stream

  1. How Micro Hydro Power Kits Work

3.How Micro Hydro Power Kits Work
Hydro micro power kits

How does the micro hydro power kits work?

What does the construction of these kits entail?

In this chapter, we are going to answer these two questions.

The construction of micro hydro power kits may be determined by the nature of the site.

The first main component is the intake.

This is where water is diverted from the river or waterfall.

The intake part also filters solid material and animal life such as fish.

The intake directs water to the powerhouse which contains turbines.

In the powerhouse, there are controlling valves which are responsible for regulating the speed of the turbines.

The turbines then convert the energy of the flowing water into mechanical energy.

This energy is used to turn a generator which is directly connected to the electrical loads.

From the electrical loads, the energy flows to the house to power your appliances.

On the other hand, the water from the turbines is channeled back to the river or stream.

Operation and Regulation of Micro Hydro Power Kits

So far, we have just covered the basic working mechanism of micro hydro power kits

In this section, we are going to get into finer details.

We will look deeply at how hydropower works

We will also look at how they are regulated.

Micro hydro power kits have an automatic controller.

The role of this device is to regulate the speed of the most efficient hydro turbine so that it remains at a constant speed.

This facilitates a constant flow of power from the turbines.

In case the load on the generators is not high enough, a load bank may be connected to the generator.

This step is usually taken when the flow of water cannot be easily controlled.

Most generators have a frequency control system to control the speed of the turbine.

A generator can operate at an arbitrary frequency but it will feed its output to an inverter.

The inverter will, in turn, produce this output at a grid frequency.

  1. Types of Micro Hydro Power Kit Turbines

1.5kw hydro turbine
1.5kw hydro turbine

Are you planning to install micro hydro power kits?

There are things that you cannot afford to ignore, no matter what.

One of them is the turbines.

As we have seen, a turbine is a major component of micro hydro power kits.

For this reason, you should ensure that you get the right type of turbine.

To ensure that you make the right choice, here are the main types of micro hydro power kits turbines that you should know:

-Pelton wheel: This turbine is ideal for hilly areas.

-Propeller-type or Francis turbines: These are best suited for very low head installations.

They are ideal for most domestic micro hydro power kits.

-Banki turbine/ Ossberger turbine: This type is also ideal for low head installations.

It has a pressurized self-cleaning system that can easily deal with the debris.

-Gravitation water vortex power plant: here part of the river or waterfall is diverted into a round basin that has a bottom exit.

This basin creates a vortex which generates kinetic energy.

-Gorlov: This is basically a helical turbine free stream.

So, which type of turbine do you think will suit your energy needs?

You need to have a candid discussion with micro hydropower kits technicians.

They will recommend the most appropriate turbines for you.

It can be installed where the waterfall is 50 meters and above.

  1. Advantages of Micro Hydro Power Kits

6kw hydro turbine
6kw hydro turbine

Are there any reasons that should compel me to install micro hydro power kits?

Are micro hydro power kits financially viable?

To give you a clearer picture, here is a breakdown of the advantages of micro hydro power kits:


One of the biggest questions that you will ask yourself is:

Are micro hydro power kits expensive to install?

What is the cost of maintaining these power kits?

First of all the source of energy is freely available.

As long as you are living in an ideal location, you don’t have to worry about where to get the energy from.

Secondly, the cost of installing micro hydro power kits is not high.

The same applies to the maintenance costs of micro hydro power kits.

When it comes to drawing a comparison, micro hydro power kits are cheaper than other alternative energy sources.

(ii)No air pollution

Environmental pollution is a critical issue that should concern all of us, right?

Micro hydro power kits contribute to environmental conservation.

They don’t release any toxic substance into the atmosphere.

For this reason, they are categorized among green energy sources.

(iii)Minimum disruption on a water body

It is true that a micro hydro power system should be installed next to a water body.

But, there is no reason to get worried.

The energy source cannot cause any form of disruption to the ecosystem.

The river will continue flowing as usual.

The animal and plant life in the river won’t be affected by the activities of energy generation.

(iv)Highly reliable

Obviously, you desire to have an energy source that you can depend on.

It should serve you well to the fullest.

In other words, it should be there whenever you need it.

Well, off-grid hydro power systems rank relatively well in terms of the reliability.

The supply of this energy is constant.

You will be rarely affected by the issues of low power supply.

After all, the river will always flow.

The only thing that may change is the volume of water flowing.

(v)Can be integrated into the local power grid

Off-grid water turbine can produce more electricity than what you need.

Where will the excess energy go?

The answer is quite simple.

Simply integrate the excess electricity to the local power grid.

You may end up getting some money out of it!

  1. Why aren’t Micro Hydropower Kits Popular

submarine Hydro turbine generator
Hydro turbine generator

Despite the numerous advantages, micro hydro power kits are still not so popular.

Of course, there could be some reasons that are scaring people from installing these kits.

So, what are these reasons?


Not all of us live near the streams.

Even if there is a stream nearby, it may not be ideal for the generation of electricity.

This is one of the main reasons that are preventing people from installing residential micro hydro power kits.

As if that is not enough, the cost of assessing the suitability of a site can be quite high.

(ii)Seasonal flow of water

As we have mentioned, most hydro power kits depend on not large water sources.

In most cases, streams are used for energy sources.

As nature dictates, the volume of water flowing in stream changes depending on the seasons.

An extreme dry season can render most streams unproductive.

This will end up affecting the supply of electricity.

  1. The Cost of Micro Hydro Power Kits

hydro power cost hydroelectricity
Hydro power generator

How much does of hydroelectricity?

Is hydroelectricity energy cheap?.

Or, is hydro energy expensive?

We have to analyze various factors before coming up with a concrete figure.

Sometimes the cost may vary depending on the location.

Anyway, we will try to come up with the approximated cost of installing the best micro hydro generator.

The average cost of the micro hydro power kits is between $1500 to $12000.

The variation will depend on your energy needs.

When we include full installation and other accessories, the cost can go up to between $20,000.00 and $100,000.00.

What is the price of a micro hydro power turbine?

Turbines are sold depending on the amount of energy they generate.

The price of a 1kW turbine and 2kW turbine ranges from $3000 to $5000.

There is some good news for this:

Once you install the turbines, they will serve you for decades.

You won’t worry about the replacement costs.

  1. Is Residential Hydro Electric Energy Renewable

Residential Hydro Electric Energy
Micro hydro turbine generator

Does residential hydroelectric power qualify to be a renewable energy source?

This is a question that most people ask.

To answer this question, you simply need to check the characteristics of renewable energy.

First of all, residential water turbine generator does not emit fumes and other toxic gas.

This feature qualifies it to be a green energy.

Secondly, residential hydropower is always available for use.

There is no given time that you can claim you have run out of water for generating personal hydropower.

Thirdly, residential hydroelectric power replenishes the used resources.

For our case, the water that passes through a residential hydro electric generator will be channeled back to the stream.

For these reasons, it is clear that residential hydropower systems are renewable sources of energy.

9.How Much  Energy Can A Micro Hydro Turbine Generate?
8kw hydro turbine
8kw hydro turbine

How much energy could I generate from my hydro power generator?

Obviously, you would like to know the amount of energy that micro hydro power kits can generate.

This information will help you assess your energy needs.

Manufacturers  make micro hydro power kits from 300W, 500w, 750w, 1kw, 3kw, 5kw, 10kw, 20kw, 25kw, 30kw, 50kw, 60kw, 70kw, 80kw, 100kw, 150kw, 200kw, 300kw.

Whether you want a 5kw water turbine, or a 100kw hydro generator or a 100kw hydro generator, you will still get it.

Other capacities include 2kw hydro generator and 12-volt hydro generator.

10.Micro Hydro Power Kits Maintenance

Small hydro turbine generator
Small hydro turbine generator

Do you want your micro hydro power kits to last long?

Do you want them to continue operating smoothly?

Consider implementing the following micro hydro power kits maintenance tips:

-Conduct a routine inspection of the turbines. Ensure that they are rotating as usual.

-Lubricate the moving parts of the turbine.

-Inspect the generator regularly

-Inspect the intake structure and remove all the debris

-Replace the bearings, belts and all other parts once they start underperforming

In general, micro hydro power kits are not expensive to maintain.

You simply need to follow these tips and the kits will give you what you deserve.

11.Choosing Hydro Power Kits Manufacturer

You don’t want to make a mistake when choosing a micro hydro power kits manufacturer.

Don’t worry. We are here to help you.

Before you make any decision, as yourself the following questions:

(I)Is the manufacturer licensed?

Ensure that you choose a licensed and registered micro hydro power kits manufacturer.

(II)Does the manufacturer have the capacity to produce?

Assess the capacity of the manufacturer.

Does the water turbine manufacturer have adequate resources?

If not, continue hunting for the best micro hydro turbine generator suppliers.

(III)Who are the previous customers?

Do not fear to ask the micro hydro power plant manufacturers for referrals.

They should at least give you a list of the previous customers.

(IV)How are you treated?

You don’t want water turbine manufactures who treats you rudely.

Be keen to take note of how the company is handling you.

By asking these questions, chances are you will end up with the right manufacturer.

12.The Future of Micro Hydro Power

Will hydro power be used in the future?

How does the future of micro hydro power kits look like?

These are just some of the questions that you may be having.

Well, the future of hydro power looks bright!

Right now the emphasis is on renewable energy sources.

Being among the most reliable energy source, the demand for hydro electric energy is expected to rise.

The United Nations estimates that in the future, 50% of the world’s energy will come from renewable sources.

It is predicted that even the richest countries in the world will rely on hydropower systems.

Is hydropower the best?

Yes, it is among the best renewable form of energy.

Its supply is rarely diminished.

What of the reliability? Is hydroelectric energy reliable?

To be frank, hydroelectric energy can be fully trusted.

It is a reliable energy that can power residential and commercial premises.


There is no doubt that micro hydro power kits have proven to be reliable sources of energy.

Are you planning to install the kits in your home?

There is no need to get worried.

They will serve you to the fullest.

You will be able to enjoy a constant supply of electricity.

I hope that you have gathered adequate information from this guide.

The only remaining task is to complete the installation process.

However, ensure that you involve experienced professionals to do the installation.


1.A guide to hydro power kits.

2.The cost of hydro power kits.

3.What the future of hydroelectricity holds?

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