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Hydro Power Efficiency testing Site Map
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We mainly supply micro hydro generators. We can also supply solar water heaters, solar power system, LED Street lights, other LED Lights, heat pumps, wind turbines. mostly are green energy products.
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Experiment Lab Facility, Efficiency testing.

Francis Turbine Model Efficiency Test

Tubular turbine Model Performance Test

Model Test Bench

Model Runner Blade Cavitation Observation

Hydropower Generators, Hydro Turbines, Hydro Mechanical Equipments, Control & Automation Systems, Auxiliaries, etc. for a complete range of equipments and services for Hydroelectric Power Plants; Power Electronics like HVFC, SVC, SVG, STATCOM, Soft-starters, etc.; Powerstation Automation Systems; all of which are of proven quality and at the most reasonable prices, designed, developed, produced and serviced by        Help to save to environment! Join us now.

micro hydro turbines Start from Here

How to Choose hydro models

Testimony (Case Study)

Latest Hydro Sites Examples

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LED Lights

Other Green Energy Products

Let Both Grow Together
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Hydro Power Turbines
Francis Turbine(mixed type)

Kaplan Turbine (propeler)


Tubular Turbine (bulb type)

Pelton Turbine(impulse type)

Turgo(Inclined Jet Turbine)


Synchronous Generator


Control System


Slurry Pump




Efficiency Testing


Manufacturing Machines


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